How to raise level cap?

Discussion in 'World Editor Help' started by BaKa-n00b, Dec 13, 2005.

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  1. BaKa-n00b

    BaKa-n00b Guest

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    How do I raise the level cap of one unit or all of them? I see this thing in the object editor it says Stats - Level - 5, (usually 5) when i raise it nothing happens, so dont post here if thats your suggestion, unless it really works for you when you do that. Please include examples and have a very clear thorough guide to doing this thx, I'm not really full of wc3 editor terms or ne others.
  2. warpo

    warpo New Member

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    level cap... you mean have a hero higher than level 10??? If so, forget about the object edito thing. Go up top, advanced, gameplay constants, and scroll down and find Hero Maximum Level, then check Use Custom gameplay Constants in the top of that box. Select hero max level and make it whatever you want. Same thing for Units.... Towards the bottom you will find UNIT Maximum level...... Modify it to what you want
  3. Jimpy

    Jimpy The Invisible Observer

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    In world editor, at the top tool bar, select "Advanced" and in the first section "Gameplay constants".

    In this, tick the box saying "use custom values" and now scroll down to the very bottom of the list where you should find "Unit maximum Level" change this to what ever number, and creeps and units can be set to your new highest level.

    For heros, select any box in the list and hit "H" on your keyboard to scroll instantly to the "H"s. Find Hero maximum level and change this to your new level.

    Now heros will automatically go to your top new level, units however have to be selected and changed.
  4. Yoshii

    Yoshii New Member

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    actually the hero wont get XP pass lvl 5 from creep if you dont Change the Value under gameplay constant :Creep Reduction table,(remove the 0% value you see)
  5. Blackveiled

    Blackveiled Formerly, Ban-Lord

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    Follow the following steps:

    1. Goto Advanced and select Gameplay Constants
    2. Now look for Hero Max Lvl and set it to the desired level
    3. Now look for Creep Reduction on the hero xp thing and set it to a balanced number. (if you want creeps to always give xp then dont goto 0)
  6. BaKa-n00b

    BaKa-n00b Guest

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    Thanks you helped a lot!
  7. Bodybuilder

    Bodybuilder Guest

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    You answered a question I have been wondering about in the editor that has cranked and wrenched my brain trying to conceive how to change that variable. DUDE YOU ARE SO AWESOME. Google search helped me find you. Thought I'd say ty.
  8. Sim

    Sim Forum Administrator Staff Member

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    Well, that's great!

    But this thread is 2 and a half years old. Old threads... are meant to stay old threads. :)

    By the way, welcome on :D

    Have a nice day!
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