How to remove Town Hall (Starter building)?

Discussion in 'World Editor Help' started by Merko, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Merko

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    i'm new to World Editor, and are trying to create a «Tower Defense» map for fun and practice with the Editor it self.
    Theres guide on most of the things for the World Editor, but i havent found anything that shows you how you can hide the Town Hall building..

    I've created starter location, my own custom buildings\units etc, but the "Town Hall" still shows up on my map. Is there any easy solution to remove it other than with Triggers?
    Must be a simple setting somewhere? =p

    Thanks :)
  2. djb4cc1o94

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    You must remove it via triggers then when you place the "Player start location" from the world editor it appears the town hall but it wont appear in-game.
    Got it?
  3. Merko

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    Thank you.
    I will try and see if i get it to work. :)

    Hmm. I'm not exactly sure on how to do it.

    I tried to use trigger with "Unit - Remove" but on "Selected Unit" i can't click on the "Start Location", only works with buildings\units.
    What am i doing wrong here? :)

    Edit 2:
    Got it to work. Deleted all the Triggers that was added default to the map. thanks :)
  4. GFreak45

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    you can place them in water or delete the map initialization trigger in the map when you first start it, it creates the starting units for every player

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