How to: Use Custom Unit Sounds

Discussion in 'Tutorial Repository' started by Chocobo, Aug 25, 2006.

  1. xxninjashado

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    I have done everything correctly, the sound plays properly in the 'Origional' path but it doesnt play in-game
  2. Undeadbomber

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    i need help i have put in some of my unit sound flies for the lich king they seem to be working fine but when i go to play the game when that sound is supposed to play it doesn't can someone tell me what to do?
  3. Evil Seal

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    Where could i download MPQ Editor?
  4. SaviorOfTheD

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    Lol I have the SAME exact problem. I used my OS's recorder and recorded sounds for the Lich King. Works fine on the sound editor but when I enter game, no sound on the unit set at all :O
  5. D359

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    Nice tutorial. But I have a question for you: there is possible to make a custom sound set whitout replacing an existent one?
  6. Bradleymee

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    I give this tutorial a 2.5 out of 5. I have tried everything I know to get the custom unit sound set working. Nothing worked. for example: I replaced the bansheewhat1 sound to my own recorded .wav file called sunrenwhat1.wav which plays fine on world editor. and what do i hear when i open the map and click on my character? A big wad of fat NOTHING!... I have read this tutorial over and over. but i still dont get what the creator is saying. (probably because of the bad english and lack of the specified demo map.) Although I do appreciate what the creator of this tutorial is trying to explain. but not everyone knows what "if you get problems because a sound file is missing for your set, you have to import an another to its path. (you will have 2 same sounds but not at same path)" is supposed to mean. Me AND my older brother have both spent 4+ hours trying to get the custom unit voices to work in game without any progression. There are two things if not more that someone who knows more about this can do to help me. 1. send me the demo map that does not appear to be in the post as the creator said. 2. guide me through step by step on how to get custom unit sounds to play in game. please reply asan (as soon as now)
  7. PurgeandFire

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    Sorry to hear that you've had troubles with it. I can't say that I've had the same issues.

    Could you perhaps post the map you used? It may be an issue with the sound file itself. Unit responses are 3D sounds, and the sounds must follow certain format specifications for it to work properly. I heard that it must have 1 channel (mono). I heard you might want to try having it at 22.050 kHz, but I don't think that should matter. Try to use a tool like Audacity to do the conversions.

    You can find out the info on your sound by importing it, right-click to "Use as sound", and then double clicking it in the right window. It should show a screen with a bunch of options (3d sound, looping, fade in/out rate, etc.) and below the name there should be some specs (khz, channel, etc.) Post those.

    For example, my custom sound is 22.050 kHz, 16 bit, 1 channel.

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