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    Before doing anything in MPQView you should ask someone here, if you don't know about those sort of things. I am more than willing to answer PMs about MPQ file editing.

    Needed Programs:
    (This program says its for Wc2, but it is generic)

    Opening an Archive:​

    To open a WC3 Archive, Click
    "Open Archive"
    And look for you root Warcraft III directory for either
    "War3.mpq" (This the RoC list)
    "War3x.mpq (This is the TFT list)



    Once that is done, there will be nothing there, but it HAS been opened.
    You need to be able to see where things are, for this you need to load one of the list files, TFT listfile for the War3x.mpq, or the RoC listfile for War3.mpq.

    You can open a listfile by going to File -> Open Data File -> YOUR LIST FILE


    Once this is loaded (Can take a little while) You will see a jumble of filepaths.

    What the hell? What are all these files?!?

    Use the search function to narrow down this list.

    .mdl/.mdx = Model
    .blp/.tga = Textures/Icons
    .w3m/.w3x...etc = Mapfiles
    .wav/mp3 = Music files


    Once you find the file you are looking for, Highlight it, click "Save" then choose where.

    Thats all good you crazy woman, but what do i do with them?

    The files that you have gathered from MPQView can be edited to create nice looking, natural imports for your map-making projects.
    Here is a list of programs and links for each type of file and the way to edit it.
    GMax --> This lets you edit all the MDX and MDL files. The only free program that lets you edit the geoset values and bones within a model.
    Inkscape --> A CorelDraw/PhotoPaint copycat, allowing you to do simple painting over a TGA file.
    Photoshop --> This is what i would recommend for TGA editing. Free-Outdated copies can be caught from the website.
    WC3ImageExtractor --> Converts BLP images to TGA and Visa/Versa


    Never, EVER save anything INTO this mpq file, saving OUT does no harm, saving INTO can sometimes wreak your MPQ file, making you have to re-install your game.

    Unsafe things to do:

    Saving anything INTO a MPQfile will either ruin the game or just make it glitchy, and can be hard to resolve without re-installing.

    There are 3 Files (X.mpq - Y.mpq and Z.mpq) opening these could crash your PC (Works fine on macs(Who knows why)) as a MPQ file within another MPQ seems to be disliked my PCs

    Pulling the EXE files out from within the MPQ will mean Wc3 will never load :) ever, from what i hear, loading is an important part of playing wc3 :)

    Here is a little help :
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    This should be in the tutorial section. Moved.

    Looks like it could be helpful. I'm not a big MPQ user, so I don't really know what all of that is, but if it can be dangerous, this will be a good warning. :p

    It is very short, though. You should add more to it if possible.
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    I will be, but slowly, im checking everything is safe, MPQ editing can be dangerous and im not going to allow anyone to muck up their MPQ file cause of me :)
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    Usually when tutorials topic is written wrong, I won't even bother to read it.

    Anyway, other parts of the tutorial are pretty good, in it's grammar. But the only problem there is that I can't see teal color! :p

    >New Member (Don't have too much fun)
    Yeah.. over 100 posts in two days.. Probably new record of TH :rolleyes:
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    Does this mean i have written something wrong :)? If so say where

    I live to impress :)
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    Two typos, in the beginning.. :p
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    Sorted :) Thanks I hate tutorials with typos also, but i'm such a bad typer that i'm so scared of making tutorials xD
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    Do i need another mpq program?

    I found mpq files with mpq viewer and saved an ai script, a modle, and a portrait. I might not of followed your advice, when i saved them i changed the name(units\human\priest\priest_portrait.mdx to oldPriest_portrait) and put it in my wc3 file folders-ai scripts, units(i made that folder). When i saved them i had a notice that read external extension 80000003.
    the file i saved will show up in my directory, however i can not load it from warcraft modles and textures so i obviously did something wrong. i can however bring up the files in the all files section. when i try to load a modle from the all files i get a notice saying "unable to load ....programfiles/warcraft3..unknown extension!" the programs i have are modle editorv1.07, modle editor source, modle importer source, and mpqviewer.

    all i really want to do is change sylvannas' pants color, remove heroe glow. and put a spellbreaker body skin on a mymirdon and mabye add some polys or some stuff if the last ones even possible.

    thank you for your time
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    hiii...nice guide...can we delete the auto map downloader using mpq tool for warcraft 3 ???? if yes hw ?? ty in advance

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