Report Human Penises Are Getting Bigger At A Fast Rate, But That Might Not Be A Good Thing


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According to trends in male reproductive health data, sperm quality and testosterone levels have declined over the last few decades, sounding alarm bells for Michael Eisenberg, MD, a professor of urology at Stanford Medicine. It's made him wonder: Should we be concerned about other differences in men's reproductive health? Surmising that there may be more to uncover, Eisenberg set out to determine if physical anatomy has changed.

In a study published Feb. 14 in The World Journal of Men's Health, Eisenberg and his colleagues compiled data from 75 studies, conducted between 1942 and 2021, that reported on the penile length of 55,761 men. The team found that the average erect penis length increased by 24% over 29 years, a trend they saw around the world.

Eisenberg said that the increase may be another indicator that environmental exposures -- such as environmental pollutants or increasing sedentary lifestyles -- are causing reproductive-related changes.

Eisenberg discussed the motivation for the study, the (potential) implications of the findings for men's health, and new opportunities to investigate the impact of external environmental factors on human health.

This study refutes the previous study here:

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