'I ate my roommate', says teen

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A teenager claims to have killed his room-mate then eaten parts of his brain and internal organs.

The 19-year-old, named only as Robert A, has confessed to murdering the 49-year-old man he met in a homeless shelter, it was reported.

Robert crushed his room-mate's skull with a 9kg iron bar before using a butcher's knife to remove his intestines. Officers found the body lying in a pool of blood, with body parts spread around the room and half-eaten on a plate in the kitchen.

Read more here if you dare.


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Boldrick! call Persie and tell him I'm hungry!

Seriously, now, that's wicked sick...


The Invisible Observer
"A police investigator said: "We are supposed to be prepared for situations like this, but this surpasses the limits of imagination.”"

Well there is Hanibal Lector which I think counts as something that was once imagined.

Plus it happened so I'm sure it was imaginable by someone.

Silly police and their silly quoted phrases.

Pretty gross, though I like the picture they supply.


Анна Ахматова
Eh, this isn't the only time this has happened in human history. Boy, murders like this has happened in so many places at different times. I can remember two cases in American history that this has happened, and maybe a third, but the name Hanibal Lector doesn't ring any bells. It could one of the two I'm thinking about, but they happened quite sometime now... :/
Anyways, I think the odd thing that is about this case is the randomness. Did he just want to try it out, and decide it wasn't good or something? Maybe this guy has some mental issues, or he has done this before. If so why did he confess.


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Wow... kinda... weird...
And yeah, probably so many cannabalism acts happen, that people might not notice...


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I wonder if he had salt with his meal. Or was the salt in the blood enough.

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