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I want to play the Starcraft II Campaign Wings of Liberty one more time, but I don't have an account.
Last time I asked my friend to lend me his account information, so that I could play the campaign offline. But, recently he sold his account, so now I have no way of playing the campaign.

If someone is willing to help me I would be grateful. I promise not to do anything else but login to the account and logoff. That way I would have 30 days to pass the campaign.
I know this is a stupid request and probably won't succeed, but, in my opinion, it is worth to try. Just finished the Starcraft 1 campaign for the second time, now I want to play the sc2.

Thanks in advance.
P.S: I know I am a poor fag, who doesn't want to pay to play.
For all i know you can play the campaign offline.
If you have sc2 installed on your computer and at least once logged into an account you can play single player and the campaign in the offline modus.
I could the last time my internet was having issues.
The problem is, I deleted it some time ago, like half a year ago. And now I installed it again...
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