"I Pass Up Sex For Warcraft"


I hit the blunt but the blunt hit me.
I Pass Up Sex For Warcraft

I pass up sex for Warcraft.
I know it's such a shame.
Instead of sweaty, enjoyable sex,
I'd rather just play this game.

I pass up sex for Warcraft.
Even if the girl's a ten.
Even if the tittys are perfect.
Even if the body is slim.

There's lots of grunts in warcraft.
There's lots of screams and yells.
The dryads are thin, the elementals are wet,
And the firelord is hot as hell.

You still yell fuck in Warcraft.
The game is such a treat.
You pin the enemy in real tight spots,
And pound them with your meat.

You still need protection in Warcraft.
Also, you still need wood.
You also need lots and lots of men,
If it's done the way it should.

I pass up sex for Warcraft.
I'm a prisoner in my house.
Instead of sliding my sausage.
I'd rather just slide my mouse.

Some men might think I'm crazy,
Some men might think I'm gay.
Some men might think my cock is small,
So instead I choose to play.

I click a mouse in Warcraft.
And tower my base real fast.
I may not get to her burrow.
But at least I get to harrass.

I pass up sex for Warcraft.
With this, I see no wrong.
Sex can be hot,and short,and boring,
But Warcraft can be fun and long.

I pass up sex for Warcraft.
I have no need for lube.
I have no need to touch a girl,
Or AT with a n00b.



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"I may not get to her burrow.
But at least I get to harass."

Brilliant 5/5


This poem is very good, though I didn't really see any consistent rhyming pattern. 5/5


I love your poems man. Do you have a deviant art acct or somewhere where you post everything? Or do you post everything here already?

Nice job man, nice job.


Chef, Writer, and Midnight Toker
Funny, but I think you can do a lot better. I'd suggesting just taking a moment to read over it and try to fix some of the parts that don't flow as well, and I think it'll be damn fuckin' funny.


I hit the blunt but the blunt hit me.
Thanks Guys.

It flows alot better after you read it a couple times.
I had alot of analogies i needed to get in.


Change can be a good thing
Staff member
very very clever, nicely done


You can change this now in User CP.
I lmaoed at this.
I have bookmarked it. And copied it to a word document. And even put the document on my external harddrive. I just love it. ;)


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I could make new [del]girl[/del]friends with this poem. :eek:
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