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    Hi there.. I am currently trying to make a game where i have a boss, which i would like to be able to cast his own spells ( already existing spells or created)... so i can avoid the hack´n´slash mode.

    But i got no idea how to make it so it works, i´ve been looking on toturials everywhere online... and each time i come by a sentence i can´t find in the WE...
    an add skill something..

    so plz help me make such an Ai thing, to my evil bosses and thier menions heroes..

    and if you dont mind i also need a little help to make a shop where i can buy spells to a champion (both created and already existing, fx chain lightning) ... and so they can be leveled by a player..

    that is not going so well...
    so if you could teach me how to make and understand this..
    i would be very glad.
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    1. Questions of this sort ought to go into World Editor Help.
    2. Given that your boss already has the abilities, you can make a trigger that gets him to cast them when certain conditions are met. For example, casting War Stomp when there are 3 or more units within range:
    • Boss War Stomp
      • Events
        • Unit - A unit comes within 250.00 of Boss 0001 <gen>
      • Conditions
        • (Number of units in (Units within 250.00 of (Position of Boss 0001 <gen>))) Greater than or equal to 3
      • Actions
        • Unit - Order Boss 0001 <gen> to Orc Tauren Chieftain - War Stomp

    3. This thread. There's a map at the end to show you how to do it.

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