Ideas for a Island Defense Style Map


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Alright, I don't know if this is the right place to put this exactly, but I was looking forward to making an Island Defense style map. Now, I want to switch it up from Island Defense a bit, so I bring it to you guys to give me some ideas.

I'm looking for a plot and/or theme, but also things that you didn't like in the original Island Defense that you wish were changed in my version. Thanks. :]


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Err... what is Island Defense looks like?
You select a hero, then protect a certain place from horde of monster?


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Just log into and wait long enough, you'll see what it is.

Hi, my ideas for an Island Defense:
  • A moveable gold pile (eliminates camping)
  • When builders kill minions, they should become builders again
  • Your own unique units and building setups
  • More polish than in original Island Defense
  • More teamwork (like gold/lumber sharing, buildings that buff others etc)

Here's an idea for a story; this comes from my unfinished project underground horror.
"A team of engineers (of different races) uncovers an ancient artifact that unleashes a powerful monster that threatens to kill them all, and could threaten the surface world if it escapes. They must use their expertise and unique specialities to slay the monster by working together, relying on the endless underground forests to create their weapons."


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Good Idea, More In-Depth?

I'm sorry, I just assumed it would be known considering there's always games up for it. The site is (non-advertising, solely for information):

Island Defense Official Website

@da1nOnlyEd: I liked the underground forest thing, can you go a bit more in-depth?

Also, I apologize for the absence, I was busy for a while.


Yes, Island Defense, in the old version where Darox, and Yacapo still were the editors. I was in the credits for giving ideas among other things. Man did I love that game when I still owned Wc3.

I can get you wishing to do an Island Defense style map, but I believe it was based on another map itself, so it has been done. Just make sure your game is based off of, and isn't an edited copy of the game...

> More teamwork (like gold/lumber sharing, buildings that buff others etc)

I would disagree, that would make it impossible for the said "titan" in the game. Whose role was already challenging in the original.


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Well, the underground forest idea is really centered around the "underground" tileset, and I thought it would be awkward if I said that they had to rely on 'forests of underground mushrooms to build their towers' :nuts:

But ya. If you can make a really good game, based on this game type, people will love it. I know I will, I just wish people would stop shouting NOOB at me whenever I get a good idea and take a risk! That's the sole reason why I don't play (besides the fact that I'm scared of v1.24!)

If you want, I have an unfinished map based on the ideas I set out above, and I can send you the link to download it. Then you can use the stuff I've made there as a template.


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May I recommend making something new and creative. I don't know your intentions (nor am I implying them) but if you're hoping to compete with ID then you do not have a chance. Take it from the guy who saw Tropical Tag go poof :p.


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Make the game more interesting! when the builders make a huge base then the titan is just stuck and dances about! make it possible for him to make a comeback or something. ;)
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