I'm lost: Where's the record-holding most users online?


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Well, either it's missing or it's just me.

I'm having a hard time finding it, so thanks for your help...:p

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Updating an old thread but I keep seeing people looking at this in the stats so I think this is fair to update. There is no All Time Online Users feature anymore in Xenforo. The Online users feature of Xenforo is not accurate as it counts all the bots. If you compare the Users online to Google Analytics or Matomo you would see that the Members Online number is hugely exaggerated. I use the list feature of the Members Online extensively though to see what the bots are looking at so I can go check the content and make sure it is still relevant and all the links still work. This is actually real handy because it does a good job of sampling the posts in the forum and gives me a good idea of how much is dead and an opportunity to fix any of the links that the search engines might have indexed so they have relevant information and working links.

But, to reiterate on this there is no All Time Online Users feature on this forum anymore.
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