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    Maybe some users want to use locations and there is no location use in the code except in the usable functions.
    Locations are not recommended. You can see it in Jass help section, we recommend XY very hard.
    Destroying handles when they are running will cause handle stack corruption. GroupUtils simply recycles them. If you hate GroupUtils, use Recycle.
    XE is just making the thing hard.
    Good or bad?
    Does not follow the naming rules.
    If you read it, you can see it saves the real that is in the hashtable h in I[Loop2] of Loop2 + (SquareRoot(height[Loop2]) * 2.00) / (airtime[Loop2] / INTERVAL). Why should it use arrays?
    Why not just making it struct ?
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    You dont need to support the madness of dumb users. Locations have exactly ONE use nowadays and this use is not applied in this script, or will be in any related script.

    Not recycling groups, thus leaking a good deal of data over time. Also, IIRC, there was a way to optimize the number of groups used. I think you could store all units affected by the stun into a single global group.

    Thats not your problem. If its a default effect a user could somehow change, thatd be different. But then it wouldnt have to be a public constant.

    Use resources already available, xe provides you with a dummy unit and other constants you might want to use.


    Because you can store all units currently in the air inside a one-dimensional array. You also dont need to use groups to iterate over all units in mid-air.

    Either find a library with a stack for such functions (the same applies to ShowUnit and PauseUnit), or avoid using those functions at all.

    Unit references (local unit u).

    Room for one additional instance (though you will likely never reach the case where youll need it). Other than that, its bad style. Arrays start at 0.

    IMPS doesnt tell me what it does. Name it ImpaleTemplate or whatever and users reading requirements of spells or other libraries will know what it does.
    Using public functions breaks the WC3 convention of not using underscores inside function names.

    Yeah, i know. Its a load of bullshit. Why remove a BJ when you cant replace it with code that is more efficient (no, optimizing a function call is not something you should care about)? Plus, you lose a bit of readability because you replace a function called CountUnitsInGroup with something looking like this:
            set bj_groupCountUnits = 0
            call ForGroup(G[Loop2],function CountUnits)
    Tell me, what tells you more directly what that part of code does?

    Yeah, then dont write libraries, please. Libraries are meant to be used. Not to be avoided. Theres absolutely nothing bad about modularity or code reuse.
    But that wasnt my main point. You could for example have used a dummy Storm Bolt ability and removed the stun buff after a certain time yourself. WAY better stunning.

    No. Thats not it.
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    I will use it +rep
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    There is an issue when you impale flying units, or units with fly height. They get stuck there. Other than that, it is very well done.

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