Imported music does not work


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I'm getting kind of tilted by the fact that I cannot use any imported music.

Sounds are working fine, however as soon as I want to use custom music to go in the background for my custom cinematic, it cuts after 3 or 4 seconds and then the normal default music from xy race starts playing (depending on what race you play)

You can check it out on this basic map, I even replaced the Human1, 2, 3 and x1 in Sound Editor to force my music being played to my custom ''Avengers Theme Music'' and it cuts all the time, even with that!

Edit: Apparently it still doesn't work, tried using FLAC, mp3, wav, stopping the music, resuming the music, fading out from 0 to 100% volume and it doesn't work.


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Could it be that you somewhere need to turn off the default music? I remember that in TFT we had maps with custom music that played a lot longer, and it wasn't becaus of the specific sound file used.
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