Health Impossible Pork, made from plants

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    New York (CNN Business) Impossible Foods, known for its meatless burgers, is launching plant-based pork.

    Impossible Pork debuts at tech conference CES in Las Vegas this week, and attendees will be able to taste the new product. Like the Impossible Burger, the plant-based pork is made with soy protein and is designed to look, taste and cook like real meat.

    Others will be able to try a sausage version of the product when it arrives at 139 Burger King restaurants later this month. Some locations in Georgia, Michigan, Illinois, New Mexico and Alabama will serve a croissant breakfast sandwich featuring the Impossible Sausage for a limited time.

    Much of the hype surrounding plant-based meat has been focused on beef substitutes.
    But pork could be the next big thing because of the industry's ambitions in Asia, where African Swine Fever has devastated the pork supply. There's also an increasing demand for meat alternatives in the United States.

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