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Okay everyone, I'm creating a Campaign with multiple chapters. but that's just information that's not needed lmao. The title screen I'm creating (that will have dialog buttons for new game, difficulty, etc.) Has the default draw distance. I want to have the draw distance reach the Mountainside that I created on the far side of the map. I have a camera Set in the square created overlooking the mountainside. is there ANY WAY I can increase the draw distance using other cameras or even triggers? I have screenshots attached showing #1: the entire map in the editor, #2: the camera in place at the square, #3: the in-game draw distance by default. I don't know if it is possible, but if there is anyone who has figured it out, please let me know!


  • entire map.png
    entire map.png
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  • current camera view.png
    current camera view.png
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Right click Camera 001, select properties, increase far clipping (FarZ) value to 10000.00, Okay.


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Why did I NOT think of this?! I just applied this and tested the map, works just the way I wanted! I had to move the Camera a bit to achieve the view, But still, it works. Thank you!
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