Gaming Insider Gaming: Diablo 4 News Set to be Released This December Before The Game Awards


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Insider Gaming has learned that information on Diablo 4 is set to be revealed before The Game Awards in December.

It's understood that certain media outlets will be given the opportunity to play the game and interview the developers, with the embargo lifting "before TGA", it was said. An accurate embargo date was provided, but cannot be reported due to the fluidity of such dates being changed.

Diablo 4 currently has a release date of 2023, but it's expected that Blizzard Entertainment could give a more accurate release date for the game in the coming weeks.

Previous reports from Xbox Era's Nick Baker and WindowsCentral's Jez Corden have claimed that Diablo 4 is set to release in April 2023.

The media embargo does imply that Diablo 4 will not be featured at The Game Awards, but a leaked Activision Blizzard document had previously revealed that pre-orders will be made available at The Game Awards.

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