World Inspired by Reddit's #trashtag, people around the world are cleaning up the planet

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    A new challenge - #trashtag - has taken off on Reddit, where users post before and after photos of areas where they've rolled up their sleeves and filled up garbage bags worth of rubbish.

    While the idea of tidying up public places isn't new — Clean Up Australia Day has been around for 30 years — the trashtag challenge seemed to gain traction a couple of days ago on the Wholesome Memes subreddit, under this post.

    Since then a new trashtag subreddit has been born, and — predictably — grumblings about the trend being 'karma bait', memes, pisstakes, and fake posts have followed.

    Despite all of that, the trend appears to be having a real-world impact, according to Callie Hyppa, a Community Safety Inspector at a Parks and Recreation department in Florida.

    Read more here (ABC Australia)

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