Technology Intel Ditching Hyper-Threading With New Core i7-9700K Coffee Lake Processor

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    A very interesting SiSoft Sandra entry (via TUM APISAK) confirms something that had long been suspected over the past few weeks – Intel is going to be ditching Hyper-Threading for its i7 parts in the upcoming Coffee Lake processors. This is now going to be a feature limited to the i9 branding, led by the flagship Core i9-9900K whose existence I exclusively revealed almost a month ago.

    There is something very interesting happening with Intel’s branding strategy and I will get into that in a bit, but first let’s take a look at the leak. SiSoft Sandra is one of the more reliable benchmark databases out there since engineers usually use it for testing and almost always forget to uncheck that pesky upload-to-them-interwebs option. This allows us to get a reliable and early sneak peak on engineering samples and such beforehand.

    The Core i7-9700K will have 8 cores and 8 threads (this also automatically means that the i5 variant will have 6 cores and threads) which means that Hyper-Threading is not supported on this part. The chipset in question will be the Z390 chipset, which is something we have covered a while back as well. The Core i7-9700K scores a cool 157.24 GOPs in the benchmark but please keep in mind that this is most likely a non-final sample and the performance could improve significantly.

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