Health Invasion of mutant blood-sucking ticks hits Russia, with hospitals running out of vaccines

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    A new ‘mutant’ blood-sucking tick has been discovered in Russia amid a surge in tick bite victims, according to official government papers.

    In one region of Siberia, there is reportedly 428 times more ticks than usual, reports from the Russian defence ministry’s own newspaper suggest.

    And scientists have now reportedly discovered a mutant form of the arachnid which is said to have the ‘worst qualities’ of two common forms of ticks found in Russia.

    The swam has also sparked growing fears that hospitals in the sparsely populated Siberia are running out of vaccines and medications for the types of diseases which ticks can inflict on the humans they bite.

    These include encephalitis – an inflammation of the brain which is estimated to have killed more than 150,000 in 2015 – and the often debilitating if untreated Lyme disease.

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