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    Game Dev Story is a management based simulation game created by Kairosoft. You start the game off as the president of a small game company. The game takes place over a time span of 20 years where you can create games, hire/fire employees, etc. You grow your brand as you make choices between different consoles, genres, types of advertising, and even attending gaming convention. As you build your brand, your fan base increases and you’ll see your sales numbers rise as well. Make the wrong choices, and you’ll see your dreams of becoming successful fade away. This game features simple yet appealing graphics, easy to learn yet complex gameplay, and offers many hours of game play.

    While you won’t be doing any real “game designing” the game is actually still very entertaining. I was intrigued by the graphic style at first sight and even though it’s a bit old and looks like it could run on a gameboy advanced, it provided me with hours of game play. While the game does not come with a real manual, the game play is simple enough to learn after you create your first few games.

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    I just bought this game yesterday and it's been pretty fun.. might wanna check it out. ;)
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    I might check this out, looks cool!

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