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I'm making a pirates game, which is a traditional AoS like DOTA, but mixed with some other game play elements. With up to 4 players vs 4 players, the players start out as lowly members of each of the two faction's that both have their township on the same central isle which is also the biggest island around.

Players must do jobs to get cash and experience and may choose to harass the enemy's heroes to slow them down and gain kills and things. As it's an AoS there will be continual units being spawned and a war being waged continually until the end. After a short period players will have had enough time to get some cash together, and with this cash they can choose to buy a ship which is also a hero unit much as it is like in battleships. With this ship, you can colonise one of the neighbouring islands, and on that island build a town with which to make your way and gain the money and upgrades to win the war which is both at sea, and on land.

To finish the game, each side must destroy the opposing faction's leader, who hides out in a fort, and will only come out if the defenses are destroyed (via ship fire) so factions are forced to focus on both elements of the battle in order to win.

There is more to it, but that's the basic idea. I've finished the trigs for 4/8 main jobs, I've done perhaps 20-30% of the terraining, and have started some trigs for hero transformations and things. There is much to do, but it's an exciting project. If you're interested in helping in any area, please PM me or ask a question.


You can change this now in User CP.
Irate Pirates is not far from ready! Need testers. I feel as though the game is a great experience already, though there are still things to change and make far better. But I need more people to play it differently. I mostly play on USEast and Asia, but can join USWest too. Let me know your usernames! Here's some screenshots of the map:
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