Is it possible to mark a thread with a third color?

Discussion in 'Bugs and Features - Forum Questions' started by tom_mai78101, May 16, 2014.

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    White is for normal threads and blue is for stickied threads. I was wondering if Xenforos support having a third color for threads that are to be marked on special occasions?


    For example, in Headline News, there are times when 2 threads are related to one another, but they are two different articles.


    That example given above contains 1 article about one thing, and another article that contradicts the first one. Thus, I marked the first one with an [Update] tag, and merge both of them together. If it needs to be clarified more, a change in thread color would be sufficient enough to attract viewers.

    I wouldn't prefer adding [Update] tags at the beginning, as it takes up valuable text space of the thread title, which is limited to a fixed length. Henceforth, I ask to see if Xenforo supports a 3rd color, so that we can implement it for easier viewing.

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