Is this computer really that great?


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Well I was looking at computers online think If I should buy one with my money. I saw This one and I started looking through. Everything looked good to me, but then again I'm not that good with computers. Does this computer really live up to the 5 stars it gets?
Everything is decent, but don't even think about buying it for gaming.

It has an onboard graphics controller. :thdown:
[del]i personally advoid toshiba like the plague cause they give Absolutly 0 0 tech help and on the off cahnce they do all theyl do is redirect you to nearby franchises that do offer tech support(from what i have heard)[/del]
Also why not build a comp?(much cheaper and better)
So i have been lied to big surprise :(
Average Processor, Good RAM, Horrible Video Card.

Capt, Toshiba has awesome customer support and great international support.
personal expierence their tech support blows goats.
But as mentioned their international support rocks. Wich means your laptop breaks down in norway no problem it will get fixed there. Asus does the same btw.
If you see "Intel" and "Graphics" on the same line, avoid like a plague. They have absolutely the crappiest drivers out of every single graphics manufacturers out there. (My U820 can't play a 9 year old game).
If you see "Intel" and "Graphics" on the same line, avoid like a plague.
For gaming: yes. For office work or surfing: no. Latest generation on-board would even qualify for video playback acceleration.

They have absolutely the crappiest drivers out of every single graphics manufacturers out there. (My U820 can't play a 9 year old game).
That would be AMD. I'm pretty happy with my G35. But then again, I'm not running Windows.
agreed, 720p is no problem for the GMA500, but gaming... ugh.
For the price and intended use (probably office-related programs centrally), it probably does. But if you want to do gaming, not even close.
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