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I got sick a little less than two weeks ago, and the new patch inspired me to start working on a map. I didn't expect it to take this long, but most of it was creating the terrain. It's 100% playable but I think there's still a lot of small things to improve on, for example some areas of the terrain are a bit empty.

I attached a protected version below. Would be nice if we could arrange a weekend where we play our maps or something.

If you want the sources, drop me a message (this is only for the people I've interacted with a lot, not random noobs).

It's coded up mostly in Zinc, lua, GMSI. For example, there is a lua script which generates a GMSI script which generates a zinc script which is then imported into the editor. Half of the object data was entered by hand though through the UI.

Zinc + lua are roughly 3000-4000 lines, which were produced mostly in the first two days. The rest of the time was mostly terrain (roughly 7 days just for that), getting some of the trickier things to work (like the four upkeep levels instead of 3, or having an attack button for A-move but no visible attack) and object editor stuff.

No imports, so the map is super tiny. Generally I tried to make a deep puddle rather than a flat ocean, but it may feel a little empty because of that - especially compared to some of the Battleships maps out there which have 40 different ships and weapons, none of which are in any way interesting.


Conquering neutral island:


Using the Fire Ship's greek fire skill to burn the creeps and earn bounty:


Conquer Islands to produce food and resources for your team. Your team consumes a certain amount of food per second, Islands each produce a fixed amount per second, and if your team runs out of food, it is defeated.

Conquered Islands produce resources which need to be carried to the base by cargo ships every two minutes or so; sink those ships to deny income and get the spoils for your own team.

Creeps spawn and produce gold when killed, but unlike in most AoS they do not spawn at fixed intervals; rather, they spawn only when the previous group of creeps is defeated. So if you kill them faster, your team will generate more gold per second.

Creeps do considerably improve over time and roughly keep up with the player until the endgame.

Other than that I'd say it mostly plays like a battleships AoS style map: you have one ship which you can upgrade to get more HP, the ship does not have a normal attack but rather uses guns (items with phoenixfire) to deal damage to random units within LOS & range.


In single player, use "-nf" to deactivate food consumption. Otherwise the other team will starve after 2 minutes for lack of being able to conquer its own islands. (Maybe in a future version, the AI will conquer islands for the team every now and then).


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