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Now, You have all played those maps that use the
basic Warcraft 3 (tft, Roc) Items, they don't amuse you anymore, they don't add the feel of fantasy more than they did when you started playing. Those items aren't bad, in fact they are what got us all started in creating custom items, so we may call them the best. First we have what we call the Object editor, This editor is made to modify any object, or make your own. In this Tutorial I shall teach you how to make simple quality items.

First off, click on file, new custom item, and a box shall pop up, with -name- and Base item,Type in Bandits Gloves for name,and click on the Gloves of Haste for its base item, your all set, click create. Below i'll number all the most important values.


Ok, basically you got a list of all these values and crap, so you're sitting there wondering like what am i going to do now..?
Well let me start by explaining those Values. Each value can be changed by double clicking on it.

1. You can see the objects spells or abilities the object adds, at the top of its current stats. These are the effects of the item.

2. Interface Icon, This is the icon the item is known by, the little picture in you heroes inventory.

3. This is the model file of the item when it's on the ground, sometimes allowing you to see it when carrying it.

4. These are the beginning secondary stats, allowing you to sell it, buy it, and even drop it.

5. This is its Classification, the simple area in the object editor it will be classified as inside, sometimes the whole section can be included in a random drop, or perhaps in an inventory system where you can only carry one of the class item.

6. This is the items Cooldown group, or how often it can be used, in this case it is Item Attack Speed Bonus, meaning it is always "on".

7. This is a very important Value, it is used in Rpgs, and other games were your hero is ordered to drop something etc. it allows this item to be dropped or not.

8. These 2 Values are basically secondary values, the "Gold Cost" value is how much gold it costs to buy. This just determines its price. And the second one is its Hp, not that important, just if you drop the item, how many hits to kill it..

9. This is a check if you want to ignore its cooldown or not, making the cooldown affect the item or not.

10. This is whether you want to include this item as a random in any drop chance, or trigger. Usually meaning if the Classification "Permanent" has a random item drop when a hero dies, this item will be included.

11. Levels these are secondary classification for your item, also can determine if you item is dropped in a random chance of level 1 item in permanent or not. The Unclassified one is just for you to give it a Category.

12. Is it perishable, can the item be destroyed or not, is it some item that is constantly passed around from one player to another like a bomb, if someone attempted to glitch it and drop it and kill it, can it be destroyed..?

13. This is an advanced set of three Values, What is the maximum of this item can there be in one pile, like Healing Salve (5), Does not constantly replace itself..?

14. This is its basic description when picking up the item...

15. This is its name and advanced Description.

Extra, this is just the tinting and size of the treasure chest, its basically if you have an item named "Earth" or something you may tint it more brownish.

Extra 2- This is basically the numbers of times a charged item can be used, if you think of an item like the healing ward, you will realize that it has a little number in the picture at the corner, after that number goes to 0 it will disappear.

Extra 3/4 it is basically the activation on usage function, instead of going through all the triggering, like unit aquires item, activate aquired item all the time, you can just check this and it will activate it at the start.


So now we have an item, this item looks plain, first it need some colorcodes, The system in Wc3 is just Black, Black, Black.. Well in order to give it a good feel, good look, we make the item name and description a different color. Here are some basic ones, ill put them in a category as well.
In order to use them you basically replace text with your Item's Name and copy it and replace the simple black name with this. The color the code is in is the color it will look.



Simple item/Misc item






Now you gave your item a nice spice, but wait, the abilities are all messed up.
Well that is not an item editor setting, that you will have to do by making your custom skill in the abilities menu and adding it to your item. Or you may use the custom ones Blizzard has made.
Don't forget, you never use Morgrins Report, or Drekthar's Spell Book in you Rpg, or game, thats just lame, be creative.
Icons, usually custom ones can be imported, but make sure you use the ones from the upgrades from all 4 races, the have some neat cool ones, some great webs for icons are here.

Making sets is very nice too, I have made this Bandit Set, giving each and every item a unique but yet simple skill, and making it look pro. Another thing about sets, if after you got a system for an Inventory like Vexorians or Some Bag/Stash, or even an item inventory categorizer (a system that makes artifacts weapons in slot 1 etc..) you can make the whole set instead of being 5 items turn into a set item (full set) adding extra bonuses and stats.

Another thing I would like to say is that, making simple items, just like some item named "The Crude Axe of Damage" does not make the game look boring, it simply enhances the overall amount, overall gameplay, making it seem better as a beginner, in fact it in my opinion is better than having a item called "The Great Black Wizards staff of Destruction Ultra" Because thats lame, makes the map look noobish.

Remember Quality over Quantity. Another set tip is, stay in one category, this is an overall game item rule, if you are making a rpg like Oblivion, for those who don't know, it is a Singleplayer Rpg, best rpg ever, it is like a very realistic less fantasy spell rpg where, if they make a set, there are usually parts of items with the same name, out of the set. What im saying is, if you have a bandits set, you should probably include an item called bandits sword, or maul of the bandit, making it seem as every bandit has items a bandit does, you don't just go to a bandit and take his helm, you realize it's rare then take it, maybe add a very crappy item that drops off each bandit 90% of the time like, sweaty bandits shirt, which sucks and it takes the random drop of the good item.

Another Set thing which would help is, if you are making a mage Rpg, for instance "MysticMage Moral" It should have something to do with a mystic mage, correct, perhaps an item set, perhaps a sacred staff called Moral, or you know, if you make a game called "JackSparrow Rpg" and make the item dropping off of davy jones a god damn godly staff, I will kill you, that has nothing to do with anything.. :banghead:

Please, use grammer, the only thing that could mess up a color code, is a bad name, or a misspell, you don't understand what embarresment you have to go through to make an item which instead of axe is aex, with a cool teal color code... that just omfg..

Here is a very simple Map with 5 Bandit Items, and some simple Spells or abilities the items might use.

It's ok I allow you to use these, these are no rips I made them all by myself, all without help (i know) :D

This includes (79) total Spells Featuring Item Strength, Agility, Intelligence, Armor, Life, Mana, Critical, Damage, and Evasion Spells for your items, Fully made by me, they are simple no imports needed,
If you find these items and or Spells useful you may add them to your map, an alternative way is to get World Editor Unlimited and merge your Files with these, use at your own risk etc..

Furthur Info on items will be coming soon by me, and here are some links.

Good Luck, (credit and Rep is encouraged but not necessary..) :rolleyes:


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Hmm. Well, as far as the explanation part, I think that's better done in Tinki3's tutorial about items, since he does every single field. The theoretical part is a little better, but I think that there might be more to say there than what you currently have. Maybe you could talk more about item classifications and how you should go about creating the items for an entire map. As it is, it's a little short.


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Where are the number of charges? onoz now i dont know what number of charges are!! [if i would be new to the object editor, luckily im not]

put number of charges in it too,

+rep for being a panda


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Thanks guys for your kind words, that really told me a lot, this is my first tutorial, and first i'd like to say Tinkis was totally about different stuff so it didnt really like have to do with the item editor, and I understand what you guys meant, this is like a rough draft so yeah, And did you think the file helped after you read it..? Thanks for repping me, my first rep woo 1/500, cmon 499 more till im respected woo!

Woo Updated, Comments, Suggestions/Thanks anything?>


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I edited it again, any suggestions, is it useful..? Will it go to tutorials? Hehe =P


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> is it useful..?

Sure thing.

> Will it go to tutorials? Hehe =P

Sure thing!



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Hmmm... The Colors seems to swap in-game.

When i enter the code for Blue, it will end up Red in the game... I'll guess i have to test different codes to recieve different colors. =)


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Make sure you get them codes correct, those gotta match up! But yeah if they don't I can't help you :(
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