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I'm gonna quit smoking now, and I thought maybe it would be appropriate to keep sort of a blog here.

I started smoking when I was 11. I'm 18 now, so I've smoked for 7 years.

"You smoke 4,380 cigarettes per year, which is 219 packs.
You have smoked more than 1,533 packs in your lifetime.
You have also spent approximately $8,125.00 on smoking in your lifetime."


Plus, I can't taste anything anymore, my sense of smell is moot, I cough a lot, it goes on and on.


Day 1

I stopped officially at around 7:20 PM, and it's 7:56 PM as I write this.
I really want one right now. Starting to feel a little antsy.

I read that you should stay busy, so I'm gonna go make a nice meal or something.

-8:32 PM

I'm surprised at how strong the cravings are after such a short time. This is the longest I've gone without smoking for quite a while.

Hopefully I can just sleep through the worst :p


Day 2

9:53 AM

Well, I got up about 10 minutes ago, and my mouth doesn't taste like an anus :thup:

Say you won 300 million dollars a week ago, and you're waiting for your check to come in the mail. That's about how I feel right now. Anxious.

The worst part so far is the sleeplessness. Last night I didn't have that last cigarette before I went to bed, and that kept me up for a while. There are gum wrappers everywhere. It looks like Trident had a sudden naked party around here.

Sorry if my typing is a little choppy. I'm still sleepy :p

So far so good! I think writing about it is helping.

10:15 PM

I'll bet I've done about 5 miles of pacing today. The days just seem unbearable. I smoked a lot just simply out of boredom.

And I'm very bored. I feel depressed, antsy, irritated. Maybe I'm becoming a woman.

That wasn't even funny.

I'm out of gum too :(


Day 3

Bah. I had a cigarette in the morning.

That was the most guilty thing I've ever smoked. Just a slip-up. I went the rest of the day without, but it feels like I'm starting over. But, hey. 1 is not as bad as 12 or 13 I suppose. That's something.

I think nicotine gum or patches would help, but I'm broke. That's helping me not smoke too.

I really can't believe how hard it is to quit. I think part of it is that I really didn't want to quit smoking, but I know I need to.

I heard the first 3 days are the hardest.


Day 4

I think I'm on the path now. Today was just much easier. It's pretty nice having that time back that I spent smoking a cig every day.

I still have cravings of course, but It's a little easier to ignore them now. I think they'll always be there, but a test of will is good every now and then.

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My ride is here
Good luck mate! I'll be coming here often to check up on you. By the way, cold turkey is the way to go, man. :thup:
There's lots of way to help if you just keep craving it after you try to quit.

One way is Nicotine Patches.

Although if you can last around a month without touching a cigarette the cravings will start to go.
Good luck!! I quit cold turkey about 8 years ago and haven't had one since! I had a few 'trial runs' at it...ya know, the whole I quit, then the next day cheat with one or two. But finally I picked a day, May 9 and said from here on out no more and stuck with it. Hang in there, it does get easier!
Good luck to you! :thup:
I never smoke, but I do believe that stopping addictness is veeery hard.
Well 2 days with out a cigarette is very promising :), I wish you very much luck with this and hope that you prevail!
Well, I got up about 10 minutes ago, and my mouth doesn't taste like an anus.
How do you know what an anus tastes like?
Anyway, so far so good. Keep writing and we'll keep encouraging you.
Get Nicotine lozenges. The gum is too easy to chew nonstop, and the patches don't give you the satisfaction. Sounds gay but the lozenges really do work, completely gets rid of the craving. Pretty cheap too.

And trust me, you'll be fighting it for the rest of your life. Especially right after meals.
You can beat that crap man. You've got everyone here to be happy when you do, and everyone here to answer to if you fail. Keep at it.
lmao lets see you after 1 week^^

" Sitting in a dark corner shaking and crying with a cigarette with mascara flowing under your wet eyes "

lol j/k good luck
Really good you quit. My Aunt, her husband, and son smoke. She HAD to stop smoking. She would start coughing uncontrollably and she said it was extremely painful. Also, she gets tired and out of breath going up the stairs to the first floor of her apartment, and needs to rest for a few minutes. Her husband has stopped smoking, but their son still smokes, and coughs a lot too. But they don't learn...

Best of luck to you mate!
Just try and keep a blog going of some form of encouragement to help you along.

-rep if you don't keep it going!!

Good luck and don't give into it!

Just if you can stay off them for about 2-4 weeks you will be in the clear as that is when the body will start to lower the craving factor. I would recommend keeping up the gum chewing in the meantime.
Little offtopic:
Around a week ago I was in Amsterdam in a chinese restaurant.
At the tabel near mine there were 4 people and one of them chinese. They talked about smoking. He said (not exactly):
"I know smoking is bad, but what I truely think is that if you start it and you (can) stop you grow along with the challenge."

Well, this is really gross opinion I think. But it is propebly true and good unles you start smoking for more self-discipline (wich here isn't the case).

Well, good luck!
Luckily I've never had to stop smoking (heck, never started,) but I can image how it could be like D: So good luck! My hat goes off to you.
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