Sci/Tech Japan’s Cyber-Attack System: “Pure Ghost in the Shell”


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A Japanese-developed cyber-attack warning visualisation system has lately been earning massive praise for its beautiful graphics, and almost as attention again for its unmistakable similarities to a certain cyberpunk anime…

A video demonstrating the system, dubbed DAEDALUS (“Direct Alert Environment for Darknet And Livenet Unified Security”) and developed by NICT is given above.

Briefly, the trails passing from the central sphere (the Internet) to the orbiting circles (networks) represent external traffic, and generate alerts if identified as suspicious, and the system also identifies and displays traffic patterns passing between networks.

A major objective of the system is monitoring malware activity within and without the network, and watching for DDoS attacks.

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This makes me wanna be a security networks operator.


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As a person who has watched Ghost in the Shell extensively. That is Ghost in the Shell... They would make a similar animation when the characters hack into a network or someone's cyber-brain. Though maybe this is like the Matrix and inspired by it. Wouldn't doubt it too much.

Ghost in the Shell Network:
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Ghost in the Shell <3

Done very nicely. It looks so pretty.
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