World Japan’s population decline the steepest on record

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    Japan’s population fell 271,058 in 2014, the biggest drop on record and the sixth straight year of decline, to 126.16 million, according to the internal affairs ministry.

    The ministry’s population census released July 1 also showed that 25.90 percent of the population were 65 years old or older, the first time seniors have accounted for more than one-quarter of Japan’s residents since statistics began to be compiled in 1968.

    The census was based on the basic resident register as of Jan. 1 and showed that 1,003,554 people were born in 2014, the smallest number since 1979, while 1,270,311 died, the largest since 1979. As a result, Japan’s population decreased by a net 266,757 in 2014.

    The population increased in just six of Japan’s 47 prefectures, including Tokyo, Saitama and Kanagawa, which shows that more people are living in the capital and surrounding areas.

    By prefecture, the population rose in Tokyo by 0.57 percent, followed by Okinawa by 0.32 percent, Saitama by 0.13 percent, Kanagawa by 0.12 percent, Aichi by 0.11 percent, and Chiba by 0.02 percent.

    The total population of the three biggest urban areas of Tokyo, Nagoya and Kansai stood at a record high 64,435,084. That figure constitutes 51.07 percent of Japan’s total population, the ninth consecutive year the ratio has exceeded 50 percent.

    The census also showed that the population decreased in 77 percent of cities and in 88 percent of towns and villages.

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    Japan should breed, or else there will be no Animes in the future!
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    Its chinese chemical warfare that makes the japanese population infertile. Its a 100 years plan to win a millenia old struggle.

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