World Japan: Fire destroys 600-year-old Shuri Castle complex, as locals mourn ‘symbol of Okinawa’

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    A major fire devastated a historic Japanese castle on the southern island of Okinawa on Thursday morning, destroying large parts of the World Heritage Site’s complex, local authorities said.

    The Shuri Castle is a key part of a complex dating back to the Ryukyu Kingdom, and is believed to have been in use from around the 1400s. Most of the current structures are reconstructions based on original plans and photos of the old castle.

    The fire was brought under control by early afternoon, a local fire department spokesman said. Some 100 firefighters and 30 fire engines were involved. The blaze had consumed more than 4,800 square metres (51,667 square feet) of the castle complex.

    “All the [three] main buildings have burnt down, with nothing left behind,” said Daisuke Furugen, an official with the local Naha fire department.

    Read more here. (South China Morning Post)

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