World Japan: Man Arrested For Calling Phone Company 24,000 Times To Complain About It

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    Japan Today reports that police have arrested a 71-year-old man in Saitama for calling his cellphone company's customer service line roughly 24,000 times with a variety of questions and complaints.

    Akitoshi Okamoto of Kasukabe is under investigation for allegedly pestering the staff of telecommunications company KDDI with dozens of daily calls over the course of two years.

    According to the company, Okamoto was upset that his telephone was not able to pick up radio broadcasts and called multiple times to vent his frustrations.

    At first, KDDI was reluctant to press charges against a paying customer. But the volume of his calls became too large to ignore, making it difficult to provide service to other clients. The tipping point came in the month before the arrest, when Okamoto called them 411 times in a single week demanding KDDI apologize for violating their contract.

    The police investigation is still ongoing, but they say that according to KDDI's access logs Okamoto has called them tens of thousands of times since becoming a customer of the company. In an interview, the senior citizen told police that he was the victim in this situation.

    Okamoto could be charged under Japan's "obstruction of business" statute, which allows for criminal penalties to be levied against individuals who make it impossible for companies to perform their normal operations.

    Read more here. (Newsweek)

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