World Japan: Man arrested over arson attack at the Kyoto Animation studio that killed 36

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    Police have arrested a man on suspicion of starting a fire that killed 36 people in an animation studio last year.

    Shinji Aoba, 42, was detained on allegations of murder and arson 10 months after officers had obtained a warrant for his arrest. Police had to wait for him to recover from injuries sustained in the fire he allegedly started.

    The attack on Kyoto Animation anime studio in July 2019 was Japan's deadliest violent crime in decades and sent shockwaves through society.

    Mr Aoba allegedly “scattered gasoline on the ground floor [and] set fire to it” after he broke into the building, thereby killing 14 men and 22 women, a police spokesperson said on Wednesday.

    He was hospitalised immediately after being detained, having suffered serious burns in the attack which also injured dozens more.

    Read more here. (Independent UK)

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