World Japan: More medical schools suspected of manipulating test scores of female applicants

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    More medical schools were found to have disadvantaged female applicants in their entrance exams, in a survey taken after the discovery that a Tokyo medical university had manipulated test scores to curb female enrollment, education minister Masahiko Shibayama said Friday.

    Shibayama told a news conference that there is a “strong suspicion” of undue bias against female applicants, and men who have failed the exams in the past.

    Excluding Tokyo Medical University, none of the 81 schools covered by the ministry’s survey have admitted to rigging exam scores to discriminate against applicants by gender or age.

    The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology conducted on-site probes at around 30 universities that had significant disparities in pass rates between female and male applicants in the last six years. In the probes, the ministry found evidence suggesting that examinees had been treated unfairly based on their gender or a record of past failures.

    “It is problematic that university entrance exams that should be held fairly have been conducted in this way,” Shibayama said.

    Read more here. (Japan Times)

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