World Japan: Nine medical schools rigged entrance exams to benefit men and relatives of alumni

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    Nine of Japan’s 81 medical schools have manipulated their entrance exams to favor men and relatives of alumni, the education ministry said Friday in a final report on its probe into university admission processes.

    The nine had already admitted to misconduct since the ministry launched its probe in August, prompted by the revelation that Tokyo Medical University had discriminated against women and those who had already failed exams.

    “It is deeply disappointing. I want the universities to make immediate and courteous responses regarding the situation of the applicants,” said education minister Masahiko Shibayama. The screening process for the next academic year has already begun.

    The ministry will start preparing rules to ensure fairness in the entrance exams for the 2020 year and beyond.

    The nine schools include Tokyo Medical University, Juntendo University, Showa University and Nihon University.

    The remaining universities are Kobe University, Kitasato University, Iwate Medical University, Kanazawa Medical University and Fukuoka University.

    Separate from the nine, the ministry also said that St. Marianna University School of Medicine is suspected of having favored male and first-time applicants based on past records, but the school on Wednesday denied having committed any misconduct.

    Read more here. (The Japan Times)

    This is the final report. 1/9 of all universities in Japan does this. It's still rather high.

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