Sci/Tech Japan: Scientists Finally Create Robotic Buttocks That React to Human Touch


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Technology has enriched our lives in so many ways. The world’s best and brightest created the Internet, cracked the human genome and landed machines on Mars. Also, someone created a robotic butt.

Nobuhiro Takahashi of the University of Electro-Communications has finally given mankind the humanoid robot butt it so desperately needed. Like an uncomfortable person on the subway, it reacts to different types of human touch.

For example, when poked, the robot can quiver in fear. Rub it and it will protrude, which is supposed to signify happiness, although all you’ll be feeling is deep shame. It measures what kind of touch it’s receiving through a microphone implanted in the silicon skin.

The robot, named SHIRI, is made of a rigid urethane skeleton, a model pelvis and (I kid you not) a gluteus maximus actuator, which is made out of a pressurized red airbag. All joking aside — and believe me, that’s hard — this robot has some pretty interesting implications.

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All I wanna do is spank it...
Does that make me a bad person?
The video reminds me of the alien movies. It looks like some kind of horrific creature would break out of that butt any moment.
the planet we are looking for is obv Venus, of obv reasons xD
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