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s"Want to learn jass? take the red pill.. Wanna stay in your comfortable GUI world? take the blue one" ~~ WastedSavior

Lesson 1: Basic JASS - Page 3, Post 36

Lesson 2: JASS Commands - Page 6, Post 79

Lesson 3: Basic Locals - Page 9, Post 125

Lesson 4: Loops & If / Then Else - Page 13, Post 182

Important updates

Notice: Due to requests, I will send a Private Massage to all registered members once a class have been posted.

Notice: Classes will be poted every Tuesday and Friday, giving you 3 / 4 days to complete assignments. I will accept assignment that have been posted a day or two too late, however please try to send them until the date requested.

Notice:: I will only accept assignments that are sent to me via Private Massage. Please do not post you assignment in this theard.

As few of you might saw a new great project was started by pheonixashes and Mizuio-Ken. The project is called classroom (original thread can be found here). Members can decide to give classrooms for free, where short articles will be posted every week (or day, depends on the teacher).

So, I got permission from Pheonixashes to start JASS 101 classroom. I will post every Friday and Tuesday, starting from 24/4/07 (April 24/07) which is in 5 days from now. Here is the current plan of the classrooms:

JASS 101

Introduction (Can be found on this post)
Why learn JASS?
What is needed?
How will we learn JASS?
How hard will it be?

Lesson 1: Basic JASS
What is JASS?
Working with JASS
Trigger Conversion
Links that have something to do with JASS

Lesson 2: JASS Commands.
What are JASS commands?
How do we use them?
JASSCraft and commands.

Lesson 3: Basic Locals
What are locals?
What is the difference between globals and locals?

Lesson 4: Loops & If / Then / Else
What are Loops?
What is If / Then / Else?

Lesson 5: Basic Functions
What are functions?
What is the rule of functions?
Understanding functions
Natives, User Defined, BJs

Lesson 6: Triggers
How do we build a JASS trigger?
What is the relationship between different triggers in JASS?

Lesson 7: Your first trigger
Your first trigger!
What's next?
Final notes

I will start the class only if 5 or more members will sign up, everyone are welcomed, however I suggest you do meet the "What is needed?" requirements, or else it could be difficult to understand the classes.

At the end of each class I will give one or more assignments. You will have until next class (which means a week) to complete the assignment. The best work will be rewarded with reputation. Please send assignments using private massaging only.

Any suggestions to the lessons are welcomed however remember this is a basic JASS classroom only, we will not talk about GUI here, nor will we talk about advanced JASS.

Please try to keep this post clean. I do not care for spamming. Questions and requests to be added to the class should be the only things to be posted here, please understand that because the classroom will be posted here I need to keep the thread clean.

You can be added to the classroom by either posting here or sending a private massage.

Please ask question or send assignments the are referring to the last posted class only.


Why Learn JASS?

There are many reasons, here are few of them:

  • Few features that can be found using JASS are simply impossible to be done with GUI. Parts of them can be done, but you need to use advanced and complicated GUI. Those include special JASS actions, locals, complete leak removal and more.
  • JASS is cleaner. I know it seems like gibberish to you now, but pretty quickly you will find how easy it is to read JASS.
  • JASS if faster, you can do stuff in minutes were in GUI they could half an hour at least. Besides, it was tested, typing is faster the clicking.
  • Many GUI triggers leak and there is nothing you can do about it, even if you remove / destroy variables. Also JASS takes less memory space.

What is needed?

In order to understand this classroom I suggest having medium GUI knowledge, and knowing some English. English is not first language to me so no need to know perfect English. Also medium mathematic knowledge can never hurt, although I doubt if at this level of JASS we will get to touch a lot of math.

How will we learn JASS?

This classroom will give you basic knowledge of JASS and tools on how to continue learning. We will learn from down to up, like when a camera zooms out, you first see the littler details and then after a while you get to see the big picture.

We will learn basic commands and variables, then specific ones, and nearing the end we will learn what functions are and how JASS triggers work.

How hard will it be?

If you know other program language it would be piece of cake, if you don't it will be harder but if you put your mind into it, you could do it. However mastering JASS can take few months, about half a month to get to know the basics well.

1. Assignments are optional, also don't worry if you send them few hours late.
2. Classes time will change but I will always post them in Friday.
3. The requirements are only suggestions.
4. If anyone else has an idea for a lesson / chapter please let me know if a private massage or post.
5. People can Private Massage me, sending their E-mail, that way I could notify you when a class has begun.
6. Due to requests, I will send a Private Massage to all registered members once a class have been posted.
7. Current members (19):
  • ManyTimes
  • CasheL
  • MaaxeEvid
  • Waaaks!
  • Omni
  • Andrewgosu
  • Master Maste
  • Squll2
  • elmstfreddie
  • oninuva
  • PurgeandFire
  • uranoob
  • Pineapple
  • Holy_satan
  • DrinkSlurm
  • Mr.Zero
  • Slywolf15
  • Romek
  • rodead
  • ertaboy356b

I hope to see you in the class, hope you will enjoy,
Your nicest murderer,


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can there be also a GUI classroom?

is there also a GUI classroom i want to learn jass but you said you have to have a medium GUI knowledg so i want to learn GUI first if there is no GUI classroom can you make 1?


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Nah, I think GUI is way too basic(but comprehensive if correctly use)...
Mastered GUI by 90% with just 1 month...

Sign me in with Jass 101.....

But I have a problem, I don't know what's the day in our Time Zone is Friday in the forums Time Zone.....


> rodead

Check this for classrooms. Medium GUI language is not a have to, but certainly will help, as long as you can make basic triggers, with a little effort you should be able to understand what we will talk about.

> Sign me in with Jass 101.....


> Time Zone is Friday in the forums Time Zone.....

+2 GMT here, but it doesn't matter few hours here and there won't change a thing.


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nice one i see this is a pretty basic classroom
i won't be needing it i guess since i have passed the basic already
but good luck with teaching :p


> good luck with teaching

Thanks I'll need it. :p

> Sign me also up


> late for assignments

Sure, but understand you can't get the reputation reward if you are late, becuase I need to decide who gave the best assignmnet when I write a class.


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Count me in, I need to learn JASS

i also assume that the rules are the same as the general GUI Classroom? (every 2days/week, homework, questions?)


> Count me in


> i also assume that the rules are the same as the general GUI Classroom

The rules depends on the author, each teacher sets the rules in his classroom.


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I do know most things about GUI. I have been wanting to learn how to use JASS for the longest time so go ahead and sign me up.:D


> count me in!


> what are the times

Do you mean what time will the next class be posted? It will change.

> Pick me



> Sign me up!


> Under trigger are we going to learn about local triggers

No, I'm not planning to go over that, that is slightly more advanced then this classroom.


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TY IkilledKEnny for helping the classroom program :p

Looking for Teachers WE and Non-WE stuff

Classes Chart

You can also tell me if you want to teach something outside of those

[Teachers Wanted]


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The structuring of those lessons or whatever might need a more broad definition. Maybe a start of introductory, then beginners material, then intermediate then from there advanced.


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Sorry, the classroom was exploded by a goblin sapper. I farted on them so they got angry and blew up, but luckily, I purged him and ran away so that it took longer for him to actually detonate his barrel of explosives... We have half a board and 4 broken chairs... The rest were blown to oblivion... :D


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KilledKenny, would it be easier if we told you our email addresses so that you could just chain mail us when classtimes are?
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