Gaming Judge blocks ban on sale of violent video games to minors

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A federal judge blocked on Thursday a new California law that would have banned the sale of violent video games to minors.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger had signed the bill by Assemblyman Leland Yee, D-San Francisco, to ban the sale or rental of especially violent video games to children under 18 years old unless there is parental approval. The law was to take effect Jan. 1.

U.S. District Judge Ronald Whyte issued a preliminary injunction preventing the law from going into effect, saying the video game industry, which sued to overturn the law, showed that it had a reasonable chance of winning its case based on the argument that the law violates the First Amendment rights of minors.

He also questioned whether there is evidence that violent video games such as Grand Theft Auto cause violent behavior and need to be regulated by the state.

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> ... violent video games ... cause violent behavior

If they didn't, I wouldn't have any excuse anymore.
What else could I use? Mtv? Fox Kids?

Still, interesting to see that there is both someone with a working brain and the power to use it...



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Well, i have to agree that they should ban GTA from kids under 18, that game is alittle hardcore for kids to be playing :D


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DDRtists said:
Well, i have to agree that they should ban GTA from kids under 18, that game is alittle hardcore for kids to be playing :D

This is a "slippery slope" kind of thing. If you ban GTA, what do you ban next? Oh no, Halo is violent. Ban that then. Eventually, all that anyone who's under 18 can play is Nintendogs (slight exaggeration).

Besides, if you were to put a ceiling on it, 18 is too high. GTA is too violent for high-schoolers to play? Most high-schoolers (with the exception of seniors, and sometimes them too) are under 18.


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True, you have a point there. Ok so dont ban them, but i find it very wrong that a parent would buy GTA for there 10 year old kid. Personaly i wouldent let him play that under 13 or 14, because of all the sexual refrence and drug use and violence. And need i get into the "hot coffee mods" :D


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Ya i realized that law hen i couldnt rent any video games anymore unless my mom came in with me...damn

But its an alright law, i was watching the news, and there was a story on a kid who spent most of his day playing grand theft auto.

now this kid stole a car ( dont think he was legal driving age ) and rode it around, then the police arrested him. when at the wating stationhe atcks a gaurd stealing his gun and shooting 2 police men. he ran and tried to steal a cop car but was stopped.

"on a level of grandtheft auto" the news people said "the player has to take the gun from the cop and kill everyone in the police staion and ride away in a cop car.

not sure if my story is intirlly correct, cuase it was on about 5 months ago.


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i dont think it is a big deal, the parents who dont care will allow there kids to purchase these, and nothing will come of it

and the [arents who do care, will not alloew there kids to get em

so I just feel it puts more power into parents hand( as it should be ) as to what they allow their kids to play, but in no way stops ppl from having them totally

I think its a great idea myself
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