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    Hey guys,
    seriously working with the editor for the first time and I need a little bit of help with an ability I would like to create.

    It is similar to charge from the zealots, but instead of running really fast my unit would jump through the air towards the target unit. So it is auto-cast, when a target is aquired, unit jumps. Should be simple I think, but I really dont know where to start. Its all so new to me.

    Thanks a bunch.
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    If you have HotS, I suggest you have a look at the Leap ability (in the campaign data) for the Zergling. It sounds like it is exactly what you are after.
    Basically it uses an augment ability (which runs a specified effect when the attack ability is used), and a create unit/launch missile effect to to simulate the jump.
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    I think behavior's have a height field. Basically, it allows you to control the unit height over the duration of the behavior. This is what the phoenix's gravity ability uses.

    By adding this to the charge behavior, you should get the intended effect.
  4. Accname

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    Didnt play the HotS campaign yet, now I took a look and, my god, that is EXACTLY the leap ability of the compaign zerglings (whatever they are called).

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