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Jumping Spell Template v3

A re-release of my old jump template, the first of its kind mind you, that I simply ported to structs and updated some of the non-optimized parts of. Its a simple template for simple needs, however, its easy to use and works as intended.
This allows you to jump a unit from here to there, while being able to edit every little aspect you can think of: speed, animation, effects, area, damage, arc, and even the offset between where the unit lands and where the spell was cast.

Version Info:
  • 4: Jumping Spell Template v3 - Minor coding updates, syntax change dramatically (check it out in the Read Me), no longer requires CSSafety or CSCache and now runs on only 1 timer, now supports jumping over and onto different terrain heights (check it out in game!), new public function to check terrain pathability added, added error messages for invalid inputs
  • 3: Jumping Spell Template v2 - Now works in radians, a few other minor improvements to the code, a pathability check is now ran to keep jumping units in the map, now damages all ground units correctly
  • 2: Jumping Spell Template v1 - Ported to structs, updated some stupid coding methods, made it an actual template :), new test map!
  • 1: Jump Template - Original release

//*                                                                         *
//* Jumping Spell Template v3                                               *
//* ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯            **URL in the works                 *
//* Parabola function by Shadow1500                                         *
//* System by emjlr3                                                        *
//*                                                                         *
//* Requires:                                                               *
//* ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                                                               *
//*                                                                         *
//* - A vJASS Preprocessor                                                 *
//*                                                                         *

library JST initializer InitJST

    // Speed at which unit's periodic movement is completed (.01-.04 recommended)
    private constant real Interval          = .025
    // Value which represents the arc of the jump movement (1.-2.), closer to 2. for a flatter arc
    private constant real Arc               = 1.3 
    // Rawcode of the Crow Form ability in your map.  This need only be changed if you have edited this ability
    // in which case, create a new, unedited copy and use it here
    private constant integer CrowForm       = 'Amrf' 
    // Rawcode of peasant unit in your map.  This need only be changed if you have edited this unit
    // in which case, create a new, unedited copy and ise it here
    private constant integer Peasant        = 'hpea'

//=====No touching past this point=====\\

    private real Game_MaxX 
    private real Game_MinX 
    private real Game_MaxY 
    private real Game_MinY
    private constant real Runs = 1./Interval
    private constant integer HalfRuns = R2I(Runs/2.)
    private location L
    private sound S = CreateSoundFromLabel( "InterfaceError",false,false,false,10,10)

private function Parabola takes real dist, real maxdist returns real
    local real t = (dist*2)/maxdist-1
    return (-t*t+1)*(maxdist/Arc)
private function InitJST takes nothing returns nothing
    set Game_MaxX = GetRectMaxX(bj_mapInitialPlayableArea)-50.
    set Game_MinX = GetRectMinX(bj_mapInitialPlayableArea)+50.
    set Game_MaxY = GetRectMaxY(bj_mapInitialPlayableArea)-50.
    set Game_MinY = GetRectMinY(bj_mapInitialPlayableArea)+50.

public function CheckLocPathing takes location l returns boolean
    local unit u = CreateUnitAtLoc( Player(13), Peasant, l, 0. )
    local real x = GetUnitX(u) - GetLocationX(l)
    local real y = GetUnitY(u) - GetLocationY(l)
    local boolean b = false
    if x < 1. and x > -1. and  y < 1. and y > -1. then        
        set b = true
    call ShowUnit(u,false)
    call KillUnit(u)
    call RemoveLocation(l)
    set u = null
    return b

private function SafeX takes real x returns real
    if x<Game_MinX then
        return Game_MinX
    elseif x>Game_MaxX then
        return Game_MaxX
    return x
private function SafeY takes real y returns real
    if y<Game_MinY then
        return Game_MinY
    elseif y>Game_MaxY then
        return Game_MaxY
    return y

private struct dat
    unit u
    real area
    real damage
    real maxdist
    real movedist
    real cos
    real sin
    real diff
    real start_z
    string sfx  
    integer i = 0

    private timer T = CreateTimer()
    private dat array D
    private integer Total = 0

private function Filt takes nothing returns boolean
    return IsUnitEnemy(GetFilterUnit(),bj_groupEnumOwningPlayer) and IsUnitType(GetFilterUnit(),UNIT_TYPE_FLYING)!=true
private function Damage takes unit u, real dam, real x, real y, real area returns nothing
    local group g = CreateGroup()
    local unit v

    set bj_groupEnumOwningPlayer = GetOwningPlayer(u)
    call GroupEnumUnitsInRange(g, x, y, area, Condition(function Filt))
        set v = FirstOfGroup(g)
        exitwhen v == null
        call GroupRemoveUnit(g,v)
        call UnitDamageTarget(u,v,dam,false,false,ATTACK_TYPE_NORMAL,DAMAGE_TYPE_NORMAL,null)
    call DestroyGroup(g)
    set g = null

private function Movement takes nothing returns nothing
    local dat d
    local integer i = 1
    local real dist  
    local real height
    local real x
    local real y
        exitwhen i>Total
        set d = D<i>
        set d.i = d.i + 1
        set dist = d.i*d.movedist
        set L = GetUnitLoc(d.u)
        set height = GetLocationZ(L)
        if height&lt;d.start_z then
            set height = (d.start_z-height)+Parabola(dist,d.maxdist)
        elseif height&gt;d.start_z then
            if d.start_z+Parabola(dist,d.maxdist)&lt;=height then
                set height = 0.
                set height = Parabola(dist,d.maxdist)-(height-d.start_z)
            set height = Parabola(dist,d.maxdist)
        call RemoveLocation(L)
        call SetUnitX(d.u,SafeX(GetUnitX(d.u)+d.movedist*d.cos))
        call SetUnitY(d.u,SafeY(GetUnitY(d.u)+d.movedist*d.sin))
        call SetUnitFlyHeight(d.u,height,0.)
        call DisplayTextToPlayer(Player(0),0.,0.,&quot;ZLoc = &quot;+R2S(GetLocationZ(GetUnitLoc(d.u)))+&quot; : FlyHeight = &quot;+R2S(GetUnitFlyHeight(d.u)))
        if d.i == HalfRuns then
            call SetUnitTimeScale(d.u, 1.)
        elseif height&lt;=1. then
            call PauseUnit( d.u,false )
            call SetUnitPathing( d.u, true )           
            call SetUnitFlyHeight(d.u,GetUnitDefaultFlyHeight(d.u),0.) 
            set x = GetUnitX(d.u) + d.diff * d.cos
            set y = GetUnitY(d.u) + d.diff * d.sin 
            call DestroyEffect(AddSpecialEffect(d.sfx, x,y))  
            call Damage(d.u, d.area, x, y, d.damage)  
            call d.destroy() 
            set D<i> = D[Total]
            set Total = Total - 1
            set i = i - 1
            if Total==0 then
                call PauseTimer(T)
        set i = i + 1

public function Cast takes unit u, real damage, real area, real diff, string anim, string sfx returns boolean
    local dat d      
    local real ux
    local real uy   
    local location l 
    local real ang
    local real x
    local real y 
    if u==null or damage&lt;0. or area&lt;0. then
        if GetLocalPlayer()==GetOwningPlayer(u) then
            call ClearTextMessages()
            call BJDebugMsg(&quot;|c00FF0000JST Error: Invalid inputs in function Cast.&quot;)
            call StartSound(S)
        return false
    set d = dat.create()       
    set ux = GetUnitX(u)
    set uy = GetUnitY(u)   
    set l = GetSpellTargetLoc() 
    set ang = Atan2((GetLocationY(l)-uy),(GetLocationX(l)-ux))
    set x = GetLocationX(l) - diff * Cos(ang)
    set y = GetLocationY(l) - diff * Sin(ang)
    set d.u = u
    set d.damage = damage
    set d.area = area
    set d.sfx = sfx
    set d.maxdist = SquareRoot((ux-x)*(ux-x) + (uy-y)*(uy-y))
    set d.cos = Cos(ang)
    set d.sin = Sin(ang)
    set d.movedist = d.maxdist/Runs
    set d.diff = diff
    set L = GetUnitLoc(d.u)
    set d.start_z = GetLocationZ(L)
    call RemoveLocation(L)
    call PauseUnit( u,true )
    call SetUnitPathing( u, false )
    call UnitAddAbility( u,CrowForm )
    call UnitRemoveAbility( u,CrowForm )
    call SetUnitAnimation(u, anim) 
    call SetUnitTimeScale(u, .30) 
    set Total = Total + 1
    if Total == 1 then
        call TimerStart(T,Interval,true,function Movement) 
    set D[Total] = d
    call RemoveLocation(l)
    set l = null 
    return true


Please test, comment, and enjoy!


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Actually it jumps into the air and slams down a point. Don't know where you got that idea from.
He said that sacrastic as in: "dont ask stupid questions".

Trollvottel said:
yeah i think he means you cant use it in another map if you dont change this?
You think, I'm sure.
That is a rawdata of a certain ability:p.

Nice spell, the picture looks good.

its the crow form ability, ppl rarely change it, if you do, then you may have issues, then again you may not
I like this, GJ.

Though, the use of the bj_RADTODEG and bj_DEGTORAD functions is pointless.
Just work in radians unless you need to set a unit's facing deg or get a unit's facing deg.

There might be a few more things where you are required to use degrees as to
radians, but with (mostly?) everything else, radians are perfect.

I didn't damage some units, which has something to do with that filter.
Instead of directly checking if a unit is a ground unit to rid of damaging air units,
simply use: IsUnitType(GetFilterUnit(), UNIT_TYPE_FLYING) != true

Simply because some units are neither flying or ground, but some other type.
One of which I think is "amphibious", which might be the only one.

I could also jump into the black borders of the map, might want to abolish
that, up to you though.
Tinki3 said:
I like this, GJ.


Tinki3 said:
Though, the use of the bj_RADTODEG and bj_DEGTORAD functions is pointless.
Just work in radians unless you need to set a unit's facing deg or get a unit's facing deg.

agreed, there are a few other things I found that could be better to, will update soon

Tinki3 said:
I didn't damage some units, which has something to do with that filter.
Instead of directly checking if a unit is a ground unit to rid of damaging air units,
simply use: IsUnitType(GetFilterUnit(), UNIT_TYPE_FLYING) != true

which units exactly? will look into it

Tinki3 said:
I could also jump into the black borders of the map, might want to abolish
that, up to you though.

yea....that would be a good addition I suppose as well

thnx for input
what does
real diff


u know what, i used the old jump template as many of my jumping spells in my map, and its hard to modify, cause i need to add the special effect to the hands

now this is way cool because i can easily set what i want

and the most interesting part is, it uses the cs safety and cs cache, which is my main engine
Thanks updating this Emj|r3. I couldn't find any problems with the code, it looks good. I personally rather use ABC or HSAS (once I get it working) as it doesn't require huge codes, but that doesn't really matter.
cssafety is real small
and it only needs CSData in CSCache, which is real small to, I think I mention that somewhere

ABC + PUI is small.
CSData has 2000 lines of code so it is not.... small.
(The reason is it has too many stuff noone ever uses - those pools for example)

CSSafety is a must have, I love CSSafety.

Anyways I really don't mind people using CSData or tables,
they translate easily to ABC+PUI,
but when I see people using some custom home-made-soon-to-fail attachment systems or old ways gamecache I get :mad:

And the reason I get :mad: is because direct attaching with gamecache and hay-I-made-my-own systems tends to make ugly code that becomes untranslateable == unusable.

There is nothing worse then finding a nice spell and then realising it is impossible to implement because author fucked up the code.
CSCache is huge, CSData is very small

it is exactly this, actually
    gamecache cs_cache
    integer array cs_array3

function CS_H2I takes handle h returns integer
    return h
    return 0

function SetCSData takes handle h, integer v returns nothing
    local integer i=CS_H2I(h)-0x100000
    if (i&gt;=8191) then
        call StoreInteger(cs_cache,&quot;csdata&quot;,I2S(i),v)
        set cs_array3<i>=v
function GetCSData takes handle h returns integer
    local integer i=CS_H2I(h)-0x100000
    if (i&gt;=8191) then
        //can&#039;t use Get without Set
        return GetStoredInteger(cs_cache,&quot;csdata&quot;,I2S(i))
    return cs_array3<i>

for simplicity, however, i just tell ppl to copy over CSCache as a whole, for people who actually care, they can go about it anyway they want

I use my own variants of CSData, Tables, CSSafety, and CasterSystem in my map making, I just do quick port over when i release a public "thing"
emjlr3 said:
CSCache is huge, CSData is very small
Yes I was talking about CSCache from witch most people use only CSData and tables...

CSData is nice because of it's simplicity.
(and because it translates directly to ABC)

emjlr3 said:
I use my own variants of CSData, Tables, CSSafety, and CasterSystem in my map making, I just do quick port over when i release a public "thing"

Yes I noticed :p
Btw you have some silly stuff in your caster system.

(lets continue this in PM if needed to not pollute the thread )
i suggest on adding ribbon attachments...like add some sfx on the hero while jumping so that it looks cool
thats just more arguments, bleh, i do not think it is needed

if no one has anymore issues, I am moving this to the spells section
can i ask for a permission on modifying the system on my map

because im making some slashing spell, then after slashing...jumps to the target...

but i cant make it because u used GetSpellTargetLoc in the system, and my spell is a unit target

so i need to modify the system so that it works properly

its just a small modification...i want to add a location on the function Jumpingspelltemplatecast...so that i can choose what location will my unit jump, not just the spell target loc...

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