Just a simple channel spell request I can study.

Discussion in 'JASS Zone' started by Mabaet.Baet, Mar 22, 2012.

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    Hi there! I was wondering if you can make me a simple channeling spell. I post here because I want the spell to be in vJASS.

    Channel Spell( Unit Target ). Make it MUI =]. Please make 2 version, one that uses a timer[as in like T32 or TimerUtils] and one that doesn't

    Grabs the enemy for 5 seconds[Cancels when channeling is cancelled via moving, stopping, stunned or something]. That's it. Like a shackle.

    I am kinda having problem with channels. Also, if you can link some spell section where I can find vJASS channeling spells. Thanks man!
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    Come on guys... =/
  3. NoobImbaPro

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    firstly create a channel spell.
    then at options choose the activate and decactivate orders for the ability.
    use them with an ordering event.
    if it is activate then pause target unit and apply a lighting chain (shackles) to caster and target
    if it's decactivate unpause the grabbed unit.
    target unit should be a global variable.

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