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New Member
Hi. First i must say something. My english is not good. I want to share my map with yours. I started to make map named Justice For All 6 or 7 years ago. I updated my map but sometimes i bored warcraft but in this 2 months i started to worked too hard and make my map balanced.

Map name: JFA
Name of the creator: Volkan(
Current stage of the map: Finished and continues.
Summary of the map gameplay/objectives: AoS style
Map features: look at the topic, i explained too much.

JFA Items List

after than i continued to work and i decided to never abandon JFA map again. I will update my map until i dies. Now i decide to share with you're all

What's JFA ?

Justice For All is a modification which explains a war between 2 clan. You can choose a clan and a hero before enter into the great battle arena. Your object is destroying your enemies main hall, but it's not easy because you are going to engage brave heroes of your enemy.

What's differency of JFA ?

JFA isn't a DotA copy, it includes many different, intresting specialities and they are just waiting for you!


An Elite one which guards the base borderline of his clan. Each clan only has one guardian. That guardian can level up and you can give him weapons. Also you can order him in someways. You will see it soon.

Training Dummies

A great difference of JFA, maybe you will see it first time. Theres two little place named ''Dummy Arena'' for each clan. Players can teleport to there for attack to Dummies, attacking to training dummies have a 10% chance to increase your stats.
Gold Mines

Players earns extra gold whenever the time in miniboard overs. Of course it's earned by gold mines of their clan. Sometimes they are important but sometimes not, anyways if you want to get bonus gold, you must keep your mines up.​


You can build towers if you want. There are 2 selections available. Anti Creep and Anti Hero towers. But it's not easy and not cheap. If you are became a good player, you will find different techniques and combinations (i'll give you advice. Pandaren Fire - Flaming Whip Ability + Anti Hero tower is cool combination )​


Lumber is required for the upgrades. You can gain lumber from everything. Hero kills, creep kills, nautrel kills etc. You can use lumbers from the Odin and you can make the clan's units more powerful

Siege units

Most likeled things by the players of JFA, theres 4 phases of Siege Unit arrive on the game, they are going to opposite corridors in each team. It means if you attack with your Siege unit in left of your base, you must defend your clans buildings from right of your base. Siege units can kill towers easly and they are very resistant. This is a way to block the game different from others. It's too important so you must defend them.


Theres a quest in-game. You can get a strong weapon named Gidbinn from completing that quest. It requires 2 pieces from 2 elite neutral units to combine them. After collecting them, you must go to a hidden circle on bottom left of map.​

Weapon Enchant

You can enchant a special weapon named "Enchanted Blade". But it's not easy. Your item will be lost during the enchant.​

Class System

Coming Soon

Arch-Enemy System

Coming Soon

Garena Turkey staff showed my effort and one of the Turkey moderators wrote a this guide​

You should try this map !

As I said in the headline, just spend a little time of you to read this explanation, because this effortive creation made by a
Turkish player might be a map you always want to play.
Definitely some of you heard the JFA word, Im sure of that, JFA is the most assertive map ever created as a Turk-made map.
Its type is AoS (Like DotA and Hero Defense). Its producer gave great labor at this map. And he continues.
We, Garena Turkish administrators commentate this map as the most serious enterprise in Turkey and we support it.

Important informations aboout JFA

1-)Balanced as well as DotA, but don't understand wrong its not a dota-copy, you'll see. Also in a map, players make the balance.
2-)The game is harder than DotA with its own specialities.
3-)This map isn't a dota-copy as I said before, If you give a try you'll see, nothing to say about it.
4-)It was extremely hard to make this map alone, one person made this so please just respect to labor.
5-)Its producer is very active and still working to make this map better.
6-)This map was created before 6 years, Its still growing and getting better.
7-)Getting accustomed to this map is very easy because the worst problem in those maps are item finding problems, In this map you can find easily and you can see the total cost etc. of an item on its name.
:cool:Game status doesn't matter, If a team does a good tactic with mechanics, that team probably wins the game with good strategy.

Difference between JFA and DotA


The most interesting speaciality on this map is mechanics, A person who doesn't know this map can easily prejudge this system. Mechanics spawns total of four times and It means 2 times for each team. They spawn in same time. There are 2 types of mechanics; Tank & commando.
Those mechanics go from different corridors, (one comes from top, one comes from bottom) so they can't attack to each other, also they can easly destroy towers, buildings etc. Each teams must make a good strategy and create a tactic to support their mechanics or destroy
the enemies' mechanics.

Gold Mines

In AoS style map, you can say ''IMPOSSIBLE!'' about this system but It fits very well as you can see in JFA if you just give a try. Each team got one gold mine and they give gold after 13 minutes of game time and If another 13 minute passes, gold count will increase, first 350, then 750 and then 1000.
Of course the mines will give gold to their own team If they are not destroyed, don't forget they are defensless and they are just waiting to get destroyed by enemy players in their corners.

Training Dummies

There is a portal to teleport to Dummy area and you can hit dummy-guys to increase your stats randomly, Its a good idea If you don't need gold, just stats etc.


Each team has one guardian and they can't leave the base, they just defend their teams base and its able to send them to defend the Gold Mines.


You can gain lumber in JFA and player 2 & player 8 can type -lumbers to get the teams lumber and they can make team-upgrades with lumbers.There's nothing to improve self-powers with lumbers, It only improves team-things (creeps etc.)


Upgrades cost lumber to improve creeps or buildings of the team.
Weapon Enchant
Youcan Improve a weapons powers from the vendor named Dark Spirit, but,good luck because It may destroy the item, you have %50 chance, destroy improve.


There is a quest in the game, after finishing it you can get an extremely powerful item named Gidbinn, but actually its not easy to get.

Why will we play JFA when there is DotA ?

Im sure that everyone things about it, but don't think about it, justthink; Im glad to play all dota-like maps, I'll play this, Its producerspends great labor in this map, and he is really active.

I'll tell you good reasons why you should play this map:

* With the improvement of AoS style, you can discover new game-styles and have fun with different-style heroes...
* Hero, Item, system etc. suggestions will definetly accepted If they are making sense.
* You can prove your playfulness to your friends in different maps, JFA is one of the best maps for this thing.
* There isn't a professional tournament, event etc. but you can join to JFA events which organized by NoobOfTheTurkey (Garena).

Can I help the maps Improvement?

Ofcourse, you can at least suggest;
New Hero
New Item
New Skill
Hero Skill Remake
Item Remake
New System
Design changes

Can I have credits of my nick in the map?

Of course,If you type -st, player nicks who helped this map somehow will appear.After 2.1 version, -st command will upgrade and new person whosuggests(or suggested) will have credits.

You won't lose anything with trying it at least 1 time.

Just give a try, may you can have great fun. Play this Pure Turkish labor and make it played by other persons. After playing and while playing, you can see that everybody learn the map easily, because of this you will help the map and also help to fan out this map.
We need to repeat as last sentence;
We,Garena Turkish administrators commentate this map as the most serious enterprise in Turkey and we support it, We advice all players to playit.
Link: Presents...

JFA (v2.5b)


All items is rearranged.
Experience Gain Range is increased to 1200 from 900
Nether Drakes attack cooldown is increased to 0.75 from 0.50
Map design and terrain changes.
Red and Green dragons hit point, damage and armors is improved

Items (fixes)

Cloak of Flames description is enhanced
Cloak of Devils description is enhanced
Firehand Gauntlets description is enhanced
Maul of Justice description is fixed
Orb of Flames description is enhanced
Orb of Lightning damage bug is fixed
Searing Blade description is fixed
Silver Plate "defender" ability bug is fixed

Items (changes)

Added new item "Staff of Reanimation"
Crown of the Deathlord recipe is changed
Hammer of Justice is now can be dropped
Orb of Fire/Firehand Gauntlets/Orb of Flames aoe damage is increased to 120 from 75
Serathil recipe cost is increased to 2000 from 1200
Silver Plate "defender" ability cooldown is increased to 40 from 15
Soul of Power strength bonus is increased to 35 from 30
Soul of Quickness agility bonus is increased to 35 from 30
Soul of Antonidas intelligence bonus is increased to 35 from 30
Thunder Lizard Egg hit point regeneration rate is increased to 6 from 5

Abilities (fixes)

Banish target bug is fixed
Creeping Death description is enhanced
Earth Stomp description is enhanced
Elune Frenzy duration is increased by 1 to all levels
Elune Frenzy mana cost has decreased to 45/55/65/75 from 75
Ensnare description is fixed
Fan of Knives description is enhanced
Flame Shock description is fixed
Immolation description is enhanced
Magnataur Stomp description is enhanced
Metal Ring description is fixed
Poisoned Arrow name is changed
Soul Seeker shortcut key is now "R"
Viceclaws description is fixed
World Shaking damage bug is fixed

Abilities (changes)

Critical Rage gives additional move speed bonus
Earth Stomp stun duration is increased to 1/1.5/2/2.5 from 1
Fan of Knives cooldown is decreased to 6 from 9
Fan of Knives mana cost is decreased to 60/70/80/90 from 80/90/100/110
Fan of Knives area of effect is increased to 375/400/425/450 from 300
Shield Bash mana cost is increased to 90/100/115/135 from 80/90/105/120
Shield of Nature damage block is increased to 110/220/330/440 from 75/150/225/300
Soul Seeker no longer nees a mana
Tidal Elemental level is increased to 5/8/11 from 3/6/8
Tidal Elemental gold bounty is increased to 175/275/375 from 100/200/300
Vanquish cast range is increased to 800 from 500
Viceclaws no longer works on structures


Fabius Ironshield - Captain
Base Intelligence reduced by 4
Mars Deimoss - Assassin
Ensnare ability has changed with new Mortal Blade ability

Pyros Flamingstar - Fire Mage
Base Damage is increased by 7
Attack projectile is changed
Sphere is changed

Tu'hodrius - Draenei Harbringer
Chaing Lightning ability has changed with banish

Base Damage is increased by 8

Information >>>>> <<<<< Information
Europe section JFA topic
Peru section JFA topic
Malaysia section JFA topic
Turkey section JFA topic

Actually i need a trigger help.

I want to Project member.
I cannot create all spells i'm thinking i need a professional scripter about the spells and forever his/her nickname will be stand in the Special Thanks section.
I hope someone can help me.

Important Note: I Need an expert scripter because i'm not create all spells as i wished because my triggering is not perfect. If i can find expert scripter on spells, i will make everything too much greater
if you are interest, make comment on this topic.


The Evolved Panda Commandant
Staff member
How many heroes are there currently/will there be? Only 4 right now?

Seems like you put a lot of work into this, good luck! :thup:



Working on a Map
Woah. Are you sure about updating it till you die 0_o That's really strong determination! Support :D

Play-testing the map ATM. Will feedback soon :)

EDIT: Quick feedback:
There were many hero choices, which is good :D Some of them looked rather cool, but I decided to try the Elementalist.

Comments on him- The elementalist is a hero with some rather powerful spells. The spells have some synergy but it lacks in a way. The balance is quite good, but I don't think the cooldown for Lightning should increase with levels. The cooldown should probably stick at 5 seconds or so.
The main thing that I wish to address is the ultimate. When it triggers Ice, the damage is horribly low. The damage from Lightning is fine, but the lightning should probably originate from the hero instead of from a location near the enemy unit (the dummy should be created at the hero's location).
I think it might be better if the Ultimate's various effect did not improve with level. Rather, it triggers 1/3, 2/3 and all the elements based on level. This way, it would make the ultimate powerful and cool (instead of just a single effect, you get 3 at once).

Good luck though, this has potential :D


New Member
Thanks for your comment by the way in the 2.6 version (still i'm working on) elementalist is rearranged

i will rearrange the spell damage and durations and i will change the ultimate

you know elemental hit casts random element but in the 2.6 version casts latests spell

example if you cast elemental hit after fire, ultimate ability deals fire damage

by the way sorry for my bad english :) i'm working hardly in the 2.6 version. wait and see

note: yes i will update this map until i die :)
note2: still i'm looking the spellmaker for this map.


The Evolved Panda Commandant
Staff member
Couldn't find the DL link for so long because the thread was so big, :p
And then after I click that link, you gotta go to last page, then epic war, so much work, lulz.

Maybe put some of the things in your first post in spoilers.
A map description doesn't have to describe everything :D
I shallz try it out!



New Member
Finally. After 15 days JFA 2.6 is finished. Added 2 new heroes, 1 new item and New Game System

JFA (v2.6)


New Game System - Speciality System
New Hero: Freddy Krueger - Nightmare
New Hero: Thrall - Orc Warchief
4 More towers removes from the game during the -vs mode
Creeps gains additional +2 upgrade when the enemy barracks destroyed
Defense bonus per agility point is decreased to 0.10 from 0.14
Players now gains 2 gold every time passed during the -vs mode
Item pick range is reduced
Summoning units no longer stuck
Siege Engine, Infernal Machine and Nether Drakes gold bounty is removed

Items (fixes)

Blade of Magtheridon description is fixed
Cloak of Flames description is fixed
Orcish Spirit description is fixed
Orcish Spirit description is enhanced
Devil's Cloak description is fixed
Ring of Superiority sell cost bug is fixed
Ring of Superiority stat bug is fixed
Shaman Claw description is fixed
Shamanic Claw description is fixed
Serathil attribute bug is fixed
Searing Blade description is fixed
Scroll of Knowledge description is fixed
Sobi Mask description is enhanced
Totem of Might description is enhanced
Thunderbloom Bulb description is enhanced
Triple Spirit description is enhanced

Items (changes)

Added new item "Wild Claw"
Added new ability to "Maul of Justice"
Blade of Lightning recipe cost is reduced to 650 from 1650
Blade of Magtheridon is rearranged
Cloak of Flames aoe is increased to 220 from 160
Devil's Cloak aoe is increaseased to 240 from 195
Helm of Gar'Thok life regeneration bonus is increased to 10 from 7
Orcish Spirit mana regeneration is increased by 75% from 70%
Orcish Spirit mana regeneration bug is fixed
Shaman Claw attack speed bonus is increased to 25% from 20%
Shamanic Claw now gives additional 25% attack speed bonus
Sobi Mask mana regeneration bug is fixed
Staff of Reanimation duration is increased to 20 from 15

Abilities (fixes)

Ice Touch description is fixed
Poisoned Blade shortcut is fixed

Abilities (changes)

Bloodlust attack speed increase is improved to 22/33/44/55 percentage from 11/22/33/44
Bloodlust no longer needs a mana
Dark Void damage is decreased to 30/60/100/150 from 50/100/150/200
Evade Ability mana cost is removed
Flaming Sword effect is changed
Mortal Blade bonus damage is increased to 60/120/180/240 from 30/60/90/120
Tidal Elemental damage is reduced
Tidal Elemental cooldown is reduced to 45 from 60/90/120


Working on a Map
Woah. It feels as if someone created 5 accounts and posted here 0_o
Really good map though, there is a huge variety of heroes, I haven't even got to try half of them xD


New Member
No they're all the members of the Turkish JFA Players Group Members :) JFA 2.6b is nearly finished and we're planning to make National Wars, 5 countries JFA teams is ready :)


New Member
If you say 'Oh man this map sux' Just open the editor and make something better than this..
I know all modes of Justice For All and this one is the most proffesional one..If you still haven't tried this i extremely offer..Needs much better team play and tactics..


New Member
Thanks everyone who commented on this map.

please report everything about the map. You're comments is important for me.

New version is ready. Enjoy it.

JFA (v2.7)


Added new Hero "Shadowhoof - Satyr Hellcaller"
Ability Number 1 is improved. Armor bonus is increased to 10 from 5
Ability Number 4 is improved. Attack speed bonus is increased to 33% from 25%

Items (fixes)

Crown of the Deathlord mana description is fixed
Crown of the Deathlord combination bug is fixed

Items (changes)

Crown of the Deathlord damage is increased to 320/440/520 from 280/400/500
Crown of the Deathlord cooldown is reduced to 35/28/21 from 45/35/25
Devils Cloak damage is increased to 64 from 50
Helm of Berserk no longer needs mana for the activate
Helm of Berserks recipe cost is no longer needs a gold
Shield of the Deathlord armor bonus is greatly improved

Abilities (fixes)

Nightmare damage is fixed
Poisoned Skin description is fixed

Abilities (changes)

Annoying Nightmare movement speed reduction is increased to 66% from 33%
Battle Standard aoe is increased to 1800 from 1200
Creeping Death mana drain is reduced to 20/30/40/50 from 30/40/50/60
Flame Shock cooldown is reduced to 120 from 180
Flame Shock ability is rearranged
Nightmare damage is increased to 320/480/640 from 260/390/520
Silence duration is rearranged
Soul Shatter area of effect is increased to 1800 from 1600


Elementalia - Elementalist
All abilites are rearranged

Freddy Krueger - Nightmare
Attack Cooldown is reduced to 1.59 from 2.02

Pyros Flamingstar - Fire Mage
Base Damage is increased by 9
Attack Cooldown is decreased to 1.76 from 2.10

Tu'hodrius - Draenei Harbringer
Banish ability has replaced with new Energy Detonation ability


You can change this now in User CP.
Sounds cool, I think I will give it a try.

Lol when I first read the title I though of the metallica song.

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