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Hello. im starting this thread , becourse i would like to introduce you for this new game. I have played it for about 1 year now , and still playing it. Its a roleplaying online game , like World of warcraft, but IMO this is more funny. But thats up to you. I will post screenshots , and write all the information i can get about the game , and hopefully some of you will play it ;)

Short Information:

Game Name: KalOnline
Type: Online Roleplaying game
Object: raise your lvl and defeat your enemies!
Classes and races?: Knight , Mage , Archer. -
Servers?: Hanin , Naraeha , Bango.

Description of Game(ON GEEK-LANGUAGE):

First of all you start with choosing if you want to be knight , mage or archer. After you can choose the name of your character and then how the hair and face should look. then the game goal is to fight monsters , raise your level and buy new weapons and armours and so on . Then evry time you get lvl up, you got 5 new points to choose in either "Strenght , Health , Intelligence , Wisdom , Agility" and when u get lvl 50 you will get a chance to change your job. and more information will follow that. There is no maximum level , so just start going!


Chapter 1: FAQ
Chapter 2: Registering & Downloading
Chapter 3: Getting started
Chapter 4: Quotes from guides
Chapter 5: Weapons & Armours
Chapter 6: Transformation & Animals
Chapter 7: Assasin
Chapter 8: Dungeons
Chapter 9: Money
Chapter 10: KalCash Shop
Chapter 11: Quest
Chapter 12: Party
Chapter 13: --End of Thread--

Chapter 1: FAQ

Is this game free to play?
- Yes. you'll never have to pay a coin.

Will there be an end of the game?
- No, Never.

What server should i choose?
- Well IMO choose Nareaha. thats the less lagging server and most normal prices for items. so choose server 2 . thanks :p

Does KalOnline have any security?
- Yes, they have an anti-hack shield that will protect the servers and your accounts from getting hacked.

Can i still get hacked, if the hack-shield is on?
- Yes, you can still get hacked. but that will be only if you give your passwords to someone you dont know. I prefer not to give it to anyone!

What about tradehack , shophack and so on?
- The Gamemasters (GM) have just fixed the tradehack, so it shouldnt be possible. and shophack have not happend in a long time , so it wouldnt happend either.

Im getting bored, and allmost stopping :/ what shall i do?
- This will happend for many people. In some of the first low lvls it can be boring to level up, but all i can say there is to keep playing! it worth it.

Im out of money, and i cant continue playing, what shall i do?
This situation comes rarely. becourse in the low lvls you dont even need money , or else you can fish . that can sometimes bring some cash by selling fishes.

Chapter 2: Registering & Downloading

First of all you need to download the client. For this you go to dead link --> and if you're using mozilla firefox, you often not see the flash banner , so go to internet explorer or download flash player. anyway , go to dead link and then up in the banner, you see a button "Download" , click it and then "Client" in the drop down menu. Here you roll a bit down and you see something "KalOnline Client Full Version" and under "A" "B" , click the "A" and then hold the CTRL in the bottom until it asks you to save target as. then u save it. and download it. if it takes too long time and you dont want to wait.. take the "B" . Now when you have downloaded it. Install it ! , and you should know how to install it. good, well now go todead link again and now you should see up in right corner something says "HOME" "LOGIN" "JOIN" , then click the "JOIN" and then register a user. now go to the kalonline ICON on the desktop and start game!

Chapter 3: Getting started

Logging in.

Start game. Now you'll hear some strange music , and see a big box of information comes up. just click it away, and then u see that you can choose against 3 servers: HANIN - NARAEHA - BANGO . And its up to you what one you want to play in , but IMO choose Nareaha. Now type in your username and password , then LOGIN.

Creating your character.

Now you need to choose a name for your character, and i will jump this step over bcuz im not here to help you with the name ;) then you can see you have 5 points at start. and for this , you should roll down and see the "Chapter 4: Quotes from guides" . there you can read what you should use your points in, but still up to you. Now downunder you can choose a hair style and a face for your character.. choose it and click "Create".

Getting started

You will now stand somewhere in a town named "Narootuh" , now press "I" then double click on your weapon you can see :p now you wear a Grade 1 weapon. im sorry but the rest you need to find out your self. or you'll never learn it.

Chapter 4: Quotes from Guides

dead link --> alot of guides . ^^

Stats & Skill guides coming up!

Chapter 5: Weapons & Armours

I will just give a short information about weapons and armours right here. becourse on dead link --> you can see alot more about the weps and armours.

Information coming up !

Chapter 6: Transformation & Animals


In this game there also animals. I will now introduce you how to get those animals and so.
When your lvl 16 you can do a quest that rewards you an EGG. the egg is Grade 1, and before you can transform you into this animal. it needs to be grade 11. and the lvl will raise by training , attacking mobs, or just beeing online. about evry 5 minute. the egg gets 10 exp. and for evry mob you kill , it gets 1-5 exp.

Animal Species

the bird is a flying creature. Used mostly for mages
the panther is a black creature with wings that is fast and good in combat. Used mostly for archers
the tiger is a orange beast with thorns on its back. its good at combat and also fast moving. Used mostly for knights

Different Transforms

Your animal dosent have a maximum lvl either. But different transforms. lvl 1-10 your animal is an EGG . lvl 11-20 your animal will break out of egg and now you can transform you. lvl 21-30 your animal is now grown up and almost adult . lvl 31-40 your animal is now fully grown up and adult.

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