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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Jindo, Mar 15, 2009.

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    what did we play then... :)..


    You play on kong :O? whats your name
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    No idea, depends what links you're clicking, you either played the demo, the old preview, or the level editor. Whoever told you that I finished the game tricked you.
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    Level Editor's Current State:

    I've implemented the Level Editor's engine with the game and now have a background for the cave level style. The level editor seems to work fine and the custom levels I'm testing for the Volcanicity and Himalayia level packs seem to work as well as the normal level packs.

    I've been working on the Level Editor offline, so none of the following changes will be noticed:


    • Moving Spikeballs
    • Large Flails
    • Lava
    • Boulders
    • Gale-force Winds
    • Fire balls
    • Spring Pads (Red, Green and Blue (Low Jump, Mid Jump and High Jump))

    And for future reference, when the game's out and if you're wanting to make a good level:

    Level Design of Kid Ninja:

    Level Style: Information regarding that style on how I conventionally set the levels up.

    The Practice Dome: This was of course made to demonstrate the general game play of Kid Ninja by walking you through the basic controls and abilities of the character, you can do whatever you want with this style. This style is used for Practice and will be used for the Advanced Levels pack.

    The Forest: Making the levels difficult eventually become less of an objective, this level pack focused entirely on encourage the player to jump. Spikes are placed on the floors and in ways where the player will have to make use of the extra jumping capabilities to get around them. There are often open spaces in this pack so there's no need to crowd the level up with long winded challenges. This style is used for Easy Mode.

    The Beach: These levels were a little longer and the spikes were used again to encourage jumping, but on a more difficult scale. The spikes are placed on walls, floors and ceilings strategically the get the player to decide on the best technique for avoiding them. The use of the wall jump should be common. This style is used for Medium Mode.

    Castle Kid Ninja: In this level pack, the levels were down right difficult, the spikes were placed to get the player to attempt some strange jumps, this pack is where the player usually realises the potential of the jumping mechanism. The large flail and fireball generator obstacles also played a part in making this more difficult. This style is used for Hard Mode.

    The Street: Like Practice Dome, this was made for a specific purpose, Cat Rescue levels unfortunately won't be creatable in the level editor at this time, so what conventions you come up with for creating levels with this pack is entirely up to you. This style is used for Cat Rescue.

    Shanty Town: There was no real style to the level design here, the objective was simply to create the most frustratingly difficult levels, that even with a seemingly limitless jumping mechanism proved challenging. I advise for this style that your levels are deviously riddled with spikes and any other Shanty-exclusive obstacles that I may add to the editor, encourage the player to trust nothing and to risk alot in order to pass certain obstacles. This style is used for Shanty Town.

    Himalayia: A slightly different approach is being taken on the Himalayia and Volcanicity level packs. The Gale-force winds and Bouncing Boulders will be exclusive to Himalayia, there shouldn't be any ground at the bottom of the level, to give the impression that the player is on a mountain (very high up) or jumping between two mountains. The winds should be used either to push players in to places that they don't want to be pushed in to, or to inconveine the player when they are supposedly safe from certain obstacles. This style is used for Himalayia.

    Volcanicity: This level pack will include plenty of spike balls, fire balls, and other annoying obstacles. The ground at the bottom of the level should be covered with lava to give the impression that the player is in a volcano. The jump pads should also be used to assist the player but in an unforigiving manner (have spikes at just the right height so that if the player doesn't move after jumping the spikes will hit them)/(have a spike ball that the player must strategically dodge while in the middle of the jump). This style is used for Volcanicity.
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    Another screenshot:


    That cat becomes a playable character when you purchase the Cat Rescue pack.

    I also adjusted the Achievement page to display 3 things:

    How many Trophies you Have (out of 10)

    Your Topaz Score

    Achievement Progress (%age)



    There are 10 trophies hidden through-out the game, there is an achievement for 500 points, a hidden character, and a crown for when you find them all. Some simply have to be found, others have to be found under certain conditions (a certain character, under a certain time limit, without the use of checkpoints etc).

    So once you find the 10th trophy, you will receive an achievement for 500 points, and a new character will become playable, as well as this, whatever character you're playing as will now have a crown above their head (as seen the screeny above).

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