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I'm back!
A project I had boiling for a while, it's finally finished. It's the wallpaper version of a hand sketch I did for a drawing contest on TH a while ago. Download the archive and you will be able to chose from 12 resolutions the one that fits best with your resolution. The image displayed here is just a preview.

a wallpaper by Smith_S9

Disclaimer: You may not distribute or modify this wallpaper without my permission.

Available resolutions:




How to use: In Windows 7 and probably in Vista as well, when right-clicking the image
and setting it as background, it gets converted to a low-quality JPEG.
To avoid this, open the image in Mozilla Firefox (or probably any other
browser) and set it as a background through the program's set as
background command. This way the image is preserved in its original
Also, best quality is obtained by using the image which has the resolution
identical to your monitor's or as close as possible.

Contact: If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me at smiths9_2006(at)yahoo(dot)com.



Snow Leopard
Looks pretty nice, but there are a few oddities to it. Here's what I think are a little meh:

1) The knife itself is duller than the effects on it's right side. If the knife is supposed to be the main focal point, then it isn't doing that great of a job. My eyes keep looking at the effects. (The effects are pretty cool btw)

2) The grey spots of varying opacity don't really fit in with the sharp/flow-y nature of the rest of the wallpaper.

3) The knife seems very 2D and flat, especially when compared to the right side effects.


I'm back!
The effects themselves are supposed to be knives/flames. I purposely made them more detailed, it's sort of a picture-play (as in wordplay :p). So the flames are indeed the focal point.

As for the 2Dness and flatness on the knife, meh, I know, but I didn't really know how to shadow it correctly. I might try to remake it, so the entire drawing will be more put together.

And if any shape might look odd, like the handle, blade or flames, it's an abstract art, it's not supposed to be a real-looking knife :p.

Thanks for the comments!

PS: I like the dots, I'm not taking them out :D.


Graphics Help Zone Moderator
Staff member
I like this a lot. I think for the dots though if you gave them some movement upwards (like how the flame is moving upwards) they would fit in with the knife better. Also, everything else has a texture in the drawing except for the dots. If you also gave them a hint of texture they would fit better.

As for the 2Dness and flatness on the knife, meh, I know, but I didn't really know how to shadow it correctly. I might try to remake it, so the entire drawing will be more put together.
Remember: Flat sides use flat shades. Rounded sides use rounded shades. You need to figure out where your light source(s) are and then if they hit the surface or not.


I'm back!
I will redo the knife and the dots, probably tomorrow. Until then, download link goes down.

Thanks for the feedback, Whitesock!


Everything is mutable; nothing is sacred
Staff member
Thinking about the knife again, it's like "here's your normal, dull knife" and then you illustrate the force and power behind it.


I'm back!
It is a wallpaper, but the download link is currently down because I am redoing the knife. I will let you know when it's available in wallpaper form :p.


Everything is mutable; nothing is sacred
Staff member
Did you edit the one posted in your original post?

I think you did, but then again I may just of missed the detail on the knife.


Starcraft II Moderator
Staff member
very well, there is deffinetly an improvment from the first version (the awesome one :p ) This is deffinetly gonna be my wallpaper.


I'm back!
Yes, kc, I replaced the preview as well.

Thanks for the comments guys, I also like a lot the new version.

Now, I am wondering about something. On my screen, the gradient on the background appears in lines, not in a true gradually changing color. Is this because the mode of the image (RGB, 8bit colour) or because of my screen?

EDIT: Yeah, it's because of the 8bit thing. I made it finally with smooth gradients, with no visible lines, so I'm putting together a new pack for this version xD.

EDIT 2: New version is up. All the wallpapers are in very high-quality now, saved as lossless PNGs from 16 bit RGB PSDs.
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