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hey guys, as I started learning programming hard core, I more and more feel the need to have all of the code I have written/I am writing with me. (Since I am not only coding in university or at home, but at two programming clubs as well)

I strongly consider getting a laptop solely for coding. I don't intend to play any games on it. Come to think about it, the laptop will only be used for programming, web browsing and watching movies.

It doesn't have to be big, since I will carry it with me almost everywhere.

I am looking for a cost effective solution.

tl;dr I need a cheap laptop on which I will be able to code, watch movies and browse thehelper/facebook.

You may start posting suggestions... now !

Thank you guys <3


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If you want to code i would highly suggest a large screen size.
Coding with a small screen is a real pain.
At university we have those incredible 1600x1400 screens which are great for coding. Once i had used one of these it was like hell to get back home to my tiny 1024x768 screen.

That is some fair price i must say.


Starcraft II Moderator
Thanks for the suggestions, Ghan.

Accname, I had not considered that, I will try to test coding on a couple of laptops and see if the size of the screen matters for it.(good a decent amount of my friends are laptop only users haha)


Divide et impera
+1 on the high resolution display, I also prefer matte screens

I would look for one that has room for a mSATA card as well as a HDD, that way you can add a SSD without losing the HDD, alternatively some offer a replacement caddy for the DVD drive


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Intel appUp contest going on now. They already sent out 24 laptops last week, and there were only 30 submissions then. Thats a pretty good pass rate.

You dont even have to have coded anything yet. As long as it looks like you have it figured out, and its what they are looking for. The first 300 they like, they are giving ultrabooks (for 3 years, they could ask for it back after that)
Anyway consider this if you want to try and win one. :)

Intel Appup
win an ultrabook for a win8 app with intel. 300 ultrabooks to win.
Program your self a new laptop. Cost effective.

Entries from other people - Innovation Contest Entries

Round 1: Deadline is October 24, 2012

Write up your application and post an article in our Ultrabook section under "App Innovation Contest". Your article can either include your application (with or without source)

As soon as each submission is posted we will review it and start sending out the Ultrabooks to those judged as being likely to be accepted into the AppUp store. We'll also review whether we feel it's possible for you to complete the app (assuming you submit a snippet or just an explanation).
So: Get your round 1 submission in as fast as you can!

What Ultrabook will winners of Round 1 receive?

The Ultrabooks that are made available as part of this contest are the same units reviewed in our Ultrabook section. It's a preview 3rd generation "Ivy Bridge" based Ultrabook referred to as a Software Development Platform. That is, this is a unit that you'll never see on store shelves – it's a "no-one-else-in-your-street-will-have-one" Ultrabook. However, since it's not a commercial product these units will be sent to winners on a 3 year term


Divide et impera
that actually sounds interesting, although I am not too much a fan of touch screens yet.. I will ask some kids for their suggestions maybe (and they will benefit since I would give them the program that they wished for free)


Is riding a roller coaster...Wee!
Right, And you may or may not get it anyway. So likey still best to look out for something like you were. I just wanted to throw that option out there.


Dude there is still time if you want to give it shot. I just won laptop :) still about 150 to go.
If your willing to make a app for the appup store, that uses the new features of the ultrabook. (Assuming you know how to code enough to do so)

Hello Mark Dickinson

Congratulations! You have made it through the first round of the AppInnovation contest. Please take a moment to complete the Ultrabook Shipping Registration page and complete the form.

If you registered while not logged in, or registered using an email other than your signup email, you will need to use the following code: XXX
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