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Hey clan is having a minigame contest and i wanted to participate. Ive made plenty of maps but never finished/fixed them. This map is a tag map where a majority of the players are snowmen. One random player is the Lava Beast who has to run around tagging the snowmen. If your tagged you become the lava beast. At the end of 5 minutes whoever is the lava beast loses the round. There are a couple rounds. Anyways i've run into some problems and not quite knowing how to solve it since ive never used this technique before. I would love if people would answer my question. What i'm doing is making a unit that has an model art of a doodad. The doodad is the snowman and everytime i test the map and kill the unit the model stays on the map, and there is no death animation. If anyone can tell me how to take the dead model off the map and/or play the death animation for the unit i would greatly appreciate it. Also as i progress with the map ill release info for anyone who wants it. Other than that, in a few moments i will upload everything that i have done. Right now spell ideas have been completed and they are all almost done and ready. I plan on redoing the terrain but ill upload pics when i get the chance!

Ice slide - Slide on ice, increasing your speed but you cannot move your character.
Avalanche - Drop a avalanche, creating a wall to shield you.
Melt Tele - Melt yourself to the point where you wont die but you can move around with the surrounding snow: Moves you to a random point in front of you.
???? - Any ideas?
Lava Beast -
Spark Throw - Throw a small spark onto a nearby snowman. They cannot cast any spells for a short amount of time.
Volcano jump - You make your way to the volcano and throw yourself in. You cause it to errupt and it throws you to 3 random areas.
(Finalizing everything...will edit asap.)


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Thats a good idea, do you think i should have it an ability of the lava beast has that changes terrain or just change the terrain myself so its always there? Maybe i can have events where lava begins to spread around the volcano , limiting the area snowmen have to hide/run to.


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Probably the events but then after the volcano a blizzard comes and removes the lava and slows the beasts?


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Well there will be good and bad events for the snowmen and lava beast but the whole reason a round lasts 5 minutes is because after 5 minutes a blizzard comes and kills the beast and lava.

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2010: Update
I have completed 4 spells, 2 for the snowman and 2 for the lava beast. All i have to do to them is fix the tooltips and make them look cleaner. Other than that i have come up with new ideas that include:
-At certain times ( 2 min and 4 min?) Lava will spread from the center outward. If you are a snowman and you step on the lava you take damage and you are slowed.
-I have a basic image of what i want the terrain to look like and im going to remodel the current terrain soon.
-At certain times (1-1.5min, 2-2.5min, and 3-3.5min?) a small blizzard will blow through, and the lava beast will be slowed down slightly and the Snowmen will get high health regen.
I will update as soon as i make noticable progress.


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I have completed the lava spread triggers and i have begun the "Tag" Trigger. All i have to do for the "Tag" Trigger is copy it like 100 times and change the player ownership.
Todo list:
-Clean up spells
-Do terrain
-Finish last couple spells
-Finish "Tag" Triggers
-Fix health of snowmen so they dont have too much
-Fix the damage of certain spells, units, and triggers. <-- Not looking forward to :[
I'll update when i make noticable progress and learn what else i have to do.
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