LoL League of Legends anyone play?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Icyculyr, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. UndeadDragon

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    Haha, ReVolver. AP Yi!
  2. Mahucharn

    Mahucharn I wear a fez now, fezzes are cool. Staff Member

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    Tips for the bad?
  3. DrEvil

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    last hit... become a sheep and play op champs only xD
  4. GFreak45

    GFreak45 I didnt slap you, i high 5'd your face.

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    Bwanga - Add me, im down to play when im on (rare when you take full time school/work into consideration)
  5. Icyculyr

    Icyculyr I'm a Mac

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    I love this game, I pretty much exclusively play ARAMs these days, and have done so for quite a while. Bought a bunch of champs a while back, got some I really like xD
  6. Vellu

    Vellu Real eyes realize real lies.

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    Got a premade of four today.

    We played one match where everyone of us AFK'd and we just let our outsider Ashe take care of the other lanes. After a while we made a four-man-gank for their top Sion. From that point on we just ganked every lane there is and won the game.

    We also played three or four matches where we all picked Smite and Teleport/Promote as summoner spells, ganked their bot in the start, took the dragon and just gank everyone in sight. Steamrolled every match.

    I think these "tactics" work because we force the opponents to skip early game or they're just so confused about us breaking the meta.

    It was fun tho. :D

    PS. I was so fed that I could win Caitlyn in 1 on 1. I was Maokai. Both level 8.
  7. Mahucharn

    Mahucharn I wear a fez now, fezzes are cool. Staff Member

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    Right, so what's up with the servers being down?
  8. iPeez

    iPeez Hot food far all world wide!

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    Anyone still playing add me.. "iPeez".
    I play on the EU West servers tho, as I know most of you guys around here are from the US.

    Breaking the meta is the shit!
  9. MasterOfABCs

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    IGN - SuperFeeder
    Games played - ~1300 (I think)
    ELO - ~1300
    Time - Central US 8pm-1am Mon to Fri and 9pm-5am Sat to Sun
    Skype / Vent / Mumble - Yes

    Feel free to send me a PM through the LoL client with your TH name.

    I take a pretty relaxed approach. I'm not a rager.
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