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Discussion in 'Graveyard' started by Im_On_56k, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. Im_On_56k

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    Download it below.

    Well I was sitting in my computer class extremely bored with nothing to do, so I decided to remake Leak Check.

    For all those who don't know.

    Leak Check is a simple program that scans through text to try to find key words that may be a possible leak such as "(Center" which can indicate:
    (Center of (Playable Map Area))
    Leak Check flags that line and where in that line the leak is and attempts to produce a possible fix to the user.

    Older versions of Leak Check required you to paste the trigger you wanted to check into a .txt document. In this new version you directly paste it into the program.

    Something you also might notice is that is an extremely small sized program now compared to older versions.

    I present you Leak Check v3!.
    This version was built from the ground up.

    *Leak Check is not 100% accurate in locating and fixing leaks.
    *I recommend you to read a Memory Leak Tutorial on this site to help get a better understanding on how leaks work.

    Other New Features
    Always Copy - When you use the 'copy as text' function in the World Editor or even copy a trigger from a thread on TH it will automatically place that copied text into the program.
    Scan on new copy - Relating to Always Copy this will also scan the newly copied text for leaks. These two features are helpful for checking a large amount of triggers or actions.

    -Leak Check can scan up to 32,767 lines of code and up to 2,147,483,647 words total in a single scan.

    - Please report any leaks that are not being detected if you find any.

    *Latest Leak Definitions*
    March 28, 08
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  2. Darkenneko

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    From what it looks, it looks clean and works properly,
    I'll be defiantly testing a lot out of it with my maps, I had already been for V2.
    Thanks for updating a great program, and most likely making it better. =]
  3. Joker(Div)

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    Wow, its been such a long time since the last update :O
  4. PurgeandFire

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    Yeah, I didn't know you would make another version. Nice. I don't need this much anymore but it is still useful if I ever decide to code in GUI again. :D

    Anywho, nice job.
  5. SFilip

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    Care to share the source code?
  6. Sil3nt

    Sil3nt SUP?

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    Very useful for newbies and lazy people like me. However 1 of my triggers had a location which was not removed (so i could refer to it in another trigger) but the leak check did not detect it. Is it suppose to be like that? Ill pm you the code.

    Also why not make it detect player group leaks as well?
  7. Im_On_56k

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    The program does not detect whether or not you actually remove the locations and such if you assign them to a variable. It only checks for if you are actually assigning them.

    I might make it check whether or not you destroy/remove the leaks instead of if you just assigned them. - That will be in a later version.

    It should detect player group leaks. I know there isn't a checkbox option for it. If you find any undetected player group leaks please let me know.

    Sure thing. Once I finish commenting it I'll post it. This version is made in Visual Basic 6 so I will upload the actual files as well as the code itself for those who don't have VB6.
  8. waaaks!

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  9. ~GaLs~

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    Won't it just lag for quite a long time when checking a 150++ lines of GUI?
  10. Somatic

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    Welcome Back =)

    Nice update on the wonderful program i use to use when coding in GUI =P
  11. Cohadar

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    This is not a system.
  12. The Helper

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    It is a Tool - if it said System before it has been changed.
  13. Hatebreeder

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    Does this also work for JASS? or vJass?
  14. Trollvottel

    Trollvottel never aging title

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    im too lazy to test, what if theres written

    move unit to position of someunit offset by 200 towars 50 degrees?

    will he fix both location leaks?
  15. Uberplayer

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    >It is a Tool - if it said System before it has been changed.
    But there is no Tool forum or anything similar at all ;s..
  16. Im_On_56k

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    It shouldn't. I did a test of 207 lines finding 57 leaks. The scan took about 5-10 seconds on my computer. After that I did a 2061 line gui code finding 507 leaks. Taking about 30-40 seconds. It might be faster/slower depending on the speed of your computer. Doing another test I scanned 156 lines with 3 placed leaks. It took 2-3 seconds to scan. I did one last test with about 2000 lines finding about 5000 leaks. (each action had multiple leaks) It took 1 minute to finish.
    The more leaks you have the longer it will take to scan. The longer code you scan will not make a big difference unless you have an enormous amount of leaks.

    I actually found a small bug doing so.

    I used
    Unit - Move (Triggering unit) instantly to ((Position of (Last created unit)) offset by 200.00 towards 50.00 degrees)
    A bug in that is there is no suggested fix for the offset and it is not updating the suggested fix. I will be fixing this soon.
    The output with the new leak definitions below is:
    (Line: 1) (Word: 7) Location Leak
    Unit - Move (Triggering unit) instantly to ((Position of (Last created unit)) offset by 200.00 towards 50.00 degrees)
    Unit - Move (Triggering unit) instantly to ^Leak
    (Suggested Fix) Set MyLocation = ((Position of (Last created unit)) 
    (Suggested Fix) Unit - Move (Triggering unit) instantly to MyLocation offset by 200.00 towards 50.00 degrees)
    (Suggested Fix) Custom script:   call RemoveLocation(udg_MyLocation)
    (Line: 1) (Word: 12) Location Leak
    Unit - Move (Triggering unit) instantly to ((Position of (Last created unit)) offset by 200.00 towards 50.00 degrees)
    Unit - Move (Triggering unit) instantly to ((Position of (Last created unit)) ^Leak
    (Suggested Fix) No suggested fixes.
    To update your leak definitions open LeakDefinitions.txt in the LeakCheck folder and replace the contents with:
    Create|Special Effect|DestroyEffect,1,Special|a
    (Units|Unit Group|CheckWord,before,=|area))&<gen>)
    (Player|Player Group|Next,5,group|a
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  17. SFilip

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    > Does this also work for JASS? or vJass?
    No, and no.
    But NewGen has war3err which allows you to catch leaks at runtime - turn it on in the Grimoire menu (check Start War3 wth Grimoire and Enable war3err in the Grimoire menu) and you should see red game messages when it catches a leak.

    Anyway, the only Player Group leak it actually detects is Convert Player To Player Group (ignores all others). It would also be nice if it could detect if the mapper tried to destroy (All players) and warn that it's a very bad idea to do that.

    I also recommend that you get rid of the suggested fix thing.
    A lot of people completely rely on this fix as the ultimate and only solution while they often don't know how to use it ("where is the Set MyLocation action?") or can sometimes be wrong due to a bug/improper use (in conditions for instance).
    Instead you can just make it say, for example, "Unit Group Leak, click here for more info" where clicking would result in a window with information on Unit Group leaks and a couple of examples on how to remove them (and possibly a link to emjlr3's tutorial) showing up.
  18. Cokemonkey11

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    wow thanks, ive been using this program for awhile; works great i love it.
  19. darkRae

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    What? :( No colors?
    :p With colors, I can see better.
    (and prettier)
  20. Insane!

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    can this check every possible leak?

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