AoS Legacy of Heroes [Beta] - May version released


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For example... hmm.. 25?! No way.
I'm not suggesting it to be 25 like in DotA, since there are no attribute bonus.
Every Hero in an AoS game needs a Lvl Cap not higher than, I don't know, 30?
I mean, come on, Heroes in Tides of Blood have a Lvl Cap of, AFAIK, 18.


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Here's cap level 100.
I know that. That's why I said...
"Every Hero in an AoS game needs a Lvl Cap not higher than, I don't know, 30?"

We really need to put a lower Lvl Cap.
Somewhere between 18-30.
18 is the minimum because AFAIK, the last Lvl of a Heroes ultimate is gotten at Lvl 18.


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I personally feel that Heroes should have as many levels, as they have abilities to level. Its the most logical choise.

Otherwise spells tend to loose their effectivenes, when heroes gain more attributes from levels.
Professions in AoS might not achieve the effect that you want to achieve. Since this is a Defense and will most likely focus on laning and Hero killing, players would be having a hard time doing both this and improving their profession level. That is if I understood your idea of professions - wow type ones?


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It would work if you time your stuff properly. Example: instead of little creep waves every few seconds, you have one big attack every few minutes.

It should leave some time to do some PvE action too.

Otherwise it requires your team to leave some amount of players to defend/assault enemy, while others are gathering stuff for professions or making the actual items.

Dont really know. Havent seen too many AoS maps experimenting with different kind of war mechanics than normal creep lane thingies, so we cant really know.

Trying different stuff in practise is all you can do really. It takes time, but its the best way to find out what really works and what aint.


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I have some useful ideas for creeps :
-you should includes more creep types that only spawn each X waves
Cavalry : fast unit, spawn each 3 waves
Healer : can heal and increases unit armor. Span each 2 waves
Siege : powerful againt buildings
-include an invulnerable buildiing in the center of each lane that produces hostile creeps and attacks player's base. They can be captured to prodduce units for the owning team


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Unfortunately Scar got a new model. Apparently some people weren't happy with the original model, saying it doesn't fit at all, which is true, but I didn't mind it that much. :)

But oh well, shit happens.


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Some bug found.....i can't see the tooltip while playing Scar after don't know using whut skill....


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Some bug found.....i can't see the tooltip while playing Scar after don't know using whut skill....
Hmm.. can't really say why it happens.
Also found a bug on Scar, his cooldown on Shadow Rush doesn't activate for some reason.
Fixed. :)

I'm planning some larger update for next version,

the biggest change will be team creep spawning mechanic, I won't tell more now, wanna make it little more surprise. ;)


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Hey, Scarfin's tooltip for Bloodlust should be "Whenever a nearby enemy dies, etc."

:D Like
Is awesome map.



You can change this now in User CP.
Some bug found.....i can't see the tooltip while playing Scar after don't know using whut skill....
I also got that. There are times where tooltips, lifebars, and hover texts don't appear. This is temporary though.

Some comments:
  • The "Bag Limit" field is unclear. Maybe you should change it to "Max. Total Level" or something.
  • The map isn't very symmetric. The locations of the 2 bosses in the middle are closer to the alliance's side. This means that it's riskier for hordes to kill bosses since if they die, it'll take longer for them to respawn.
  • Speaking of respawn mechanism, are there any invisible units in the map? Why do you make the players move the shade / wisp back to home base, as opposed to just triggering it?
  • The gold you get from killing towers and creeps are too low. You get 11 for killing a troll when you can just wait for a couple of seconds to get it. Either remove the gold from creeps entirely, increase them, or make the gold gain per second reward lower.

I can't really comment on the heroes since I'm just playing a single player game. So far, I've tried Hale'tanis and Gar'band.

Hale'tanis' Prejudice is quite useless at level 1. At 2s duration, you can only get one hit, which is kinda lame for that much cooldown. Gar'band has too many passive abilities. So you can't really do anything else beside casting Blood Thirst with Fel Domination.

Overall, I think the cooldown for the active abilities are too long for the ability's duration. So you end up waiting for your heroes' spell to finish cooling down most of the time.
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