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The goal of this map is to present a new, better, and more dynamic
hero system/engine different from most of the popular maps.

Legends’ game play revolves mainly on an evolved idea of the ‘Heroes’. Collectively, each hero has its role in team battles but also individually, each hero has different possibilities. It’s like having two or more heroes in one. Each player can develop an own style for a hero.

< Ability Mastery >
- Each hero has 5 abilities with 5 levels each, the final level of each ability is its Ulimate state.
- The level cap for Heroes is only until level 15.
- This set-up makes for a more strategic perspective in choosing which abilities to maximize or leave weakened and develop your own style for your hero to fit among different roles in battle.
- Possible builds: 1 Ultimate + 10 points to others / 2 Ultimates + 5 points to others / 3 Ultimates.

< Runes >
-Powerful magic that can turn the tides of battle to your side.
-Accordingly, the monsters who keep them are also powerful.
Mark of the Howling Moon : Increases movement speed by 35% and increases attackspeed by 20%.​
Ogre's Rune of Retribution : Increases armor by 20, returns 15% damage received to attacker.​
Caustic Arachnathid Venom : Increases attack damage by 25. Each attack will reduced the target's armor by 3 for 4 seconds.​
Infinite Mana Flux : Grants 15 mana regen per second and reduces ability cooldowns by 5 seconds.​
Crimson Dragonfire : Increases Spell Power by 100. Every 5 seconds the Hero's attack will deal 120 splash magic damage.​
Will of the Ancient Hydra : Grants 10 hp regen per second and increases spell resistance by 20%​
-All Runes will last 2:30 after they are acquired.
-Slaying a Hero still enchanted with Runes will steal the bonuses and reset the timer.
-Multiple Runes can stack.

Jesus4Lyf's Systems : AIDS, BuffStruct, Status, Damage
Vexorian's CasterSystem, XE
Romek's UnitAuraControl
Kenny's KnockBackSystem.
HP Bar  and Mana Bar (Models) - Hatebreeder.
Dark Ranger, Warden (Skins) - 67chrome
Draenei Paladin (Model) - AnemicRoyalty
Terraining (Doodads) - iPeez
Witch King (Skin)
Akama (Skin)
Effect Models
*Special Effect Models  from TheHiveworkshop.com
(Thrikodius, WILL THE ALMIGHTY, JetFangInferno, shamanyouranus)
*Spell and Item Icons from TheHiveworkshop.com
*Spell and Item Icons from World of Warcraft


2D-Graphics enthusiast
hm, sounds quite interesting, looking forward to see more of this project.

however 2 things came to my mind when reading about your game:
-the total exp given out by a certain unit is always the same, based on its total hp.
this way mages will give less exp then tanks even though they might have alot more levels.
my suggestion: better base it on the level (for creeps the unit level) instead.

-the Neutral Hostile camps have upgrades that gain a level overtime.
i would suggest basing the creep power on the average player level.

keep it up!


is now a game developer :)
this way mages will give less exp then tanks even though they might have alot more levels. my suggestion: better base it on the level (for creeps the unit level) instead.
there is a level multiplier.
mainly that's for the creeps. i guess i forgot about that.

i'll make a special condition for heroes then. thanks for the idea.


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Getting AI to work on a 'complicated' idea will be hard.

it's not like just pushing lanes and fighting.
'playing properly' is not like that. ai will need to creep for neutrals too.

i am not yet looking forward to code ai since i have to code the heroes first.


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Cause i saw some AI contest when you made some AI for heroes and it looked pretty good. I think AI in early stages is unneeded but it will make it more fun. I think work on spells and item triggering before that and good luck im looking forward to this.


is now a game developer :)

The project is still open for recruits! :).
*Currently, I am the only one making the map itself. Most of these are my work and ideas.
Looking for : Spell/Hero Trigger-er
Although I am quite competent to trigger the skills i can think of, i do not have the luxury of time. I'm looking for someone who has the skills to trigger (using the systems already implemented in the map) some of the hero and spell ideas.
Looking for : a better Terrainer
Some people say the terrain sucks. I need someone to improve it. (Dont touch the tree placement though!.. those have code related designs.)


is now a game developer :)
Progress Update

2 finished Heroes:

The Iron Maiden Agi-Melee

Possible Roles:
Assassin/DPS (Talons + Raven + Bravery)
Support/Anti-Crowd (Storm + Shroud)
Frontliner (Shroud + Bravery + Raven)

Eagle Talons (offense active single enemy)
Strikes with a primary blow, dealing damage based on the Iron Maiden's attack. Attackspeed is increased also increased for a duration. Striking an enemy from the back will decrease its armor.

Iron Raven (active single unit)
Dashes towards an enemy or ally, one enemy that collides during the dash will be stunned and caught till the end of the dash.
Deals damage based on the Iron Maiden's total armor.

Blade Storm (offense channeling aoe)
Unleashes a flurry of knives, striking each enemy in range three times per second of channeling. Attacks can crit and evasion is raised during channeling time.

Shroud of Knives (buff single ally/self)
Summons multiple blades to revolve around an ally or herself, increasing armor and dealing continuous damage to enemies within melee range.

Bravery (passive self)
When confronted, the Iron Maiden grows stronger. When attacked face-to-face, her damage and armor is increased.
Soulslayer Int-Ranged

Possible Roles:

Chain of Agony (offense active multi enemy)
Deals physical damage to a chain of enemies, has a percent chance to stun based on crit chance.

Chain of Misery (offense active multi enemy)
Deals magic damage to a chain of enemies, has a percent chance to stun based on crit chance.

Frozen Daggers (offense active front cone)
Releases 5 daggers of ice, dealing damage and slowing units they collide with. can crit.

Impalement (offense active instant aoe)
Summons ice blades from the ground to deal damage to a random unit in range per interval for a duration.

Creeping Death (passive aoe allies)
Increases critical chance of allies within range


Isn't Trollin You Right Now
A strength based hero, Straight from the pits of hell this hero was in charge of torture and torment. Can learn Eternal Chains, Fel Stalker Trap and Demonic Flame.

Attacks land units.
Eternal Chains
The hero uses his inner evil and love of torture to create a large rock which he chains his target to. The rock holds the unit back and slows its movement speed. The rocks mass increases with levels.

Fel Stalker Trap
The hero sends out a loyal fel stalker towards the target, once the stalker reaches the target it explodes dealing damage to all nearby enemies. Damage increases with levels.

Demonic Flame
The hero creates a large flame at the targeted location. Every enemy passing the flame in 150 AoE will be ignited. Ignited units receive damage per second. Additionally, they burn all units in 200 AoE of them for 40% of this damage.
The flame lasts 10 seconds.
Ignation lasts 15 seconds. Damage of both ingation and the flame increase with levels.
I can give you these spells but not right now.


Is back. Probably.
Looking for : a better Terrainer
Some people say the terrain sucks. I need someone to improve it. (Dont touch the tree placement though!.. those have code related designs.)

Need a terrainer?


is now a game developer :)

well, i saw your thread and you have a lot of stuff on queue..

i'm kinda impatient when it comes to requesting stuff,

that's why i try hard to learn every step when it comes to mapping and do everything i can do myself :p.
i.e., simple fx, skinning/retexturing, spell and systems..
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