Lemonade Stand

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by DM Cross, Oct 16, 2005.

  1. DM Cross

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    Anyone ever play this? It's alright, it passes the time during my Comp class. You buy supplies, figure out the ratio of sugar and lemons, determine a price for the day, and figure out how much ice in each cup, depending upon the temperature...

    There's a formula, too, to get some really great results, but >D I ain't telling.

    Have fun.

  2. 1JadedJen

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    LOL i do believe i posted lemonade stand in one of the all time fave games thread.
    thanks for the link to go play it...i've missed it so!
    but i am sure in no time i will be cursin at those damned days it rains! lolol
    OK now that I've lost 2 hours of my day LOL after three attempts where I lost money, I finally ended up making 18.69 LOLOL
  3. DM Cross

    DM Cross You want to see a magic trick? Staff Member

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    9 lemons/9 cups of sugar = perfect.
    Temperature/10 = Ice per cup.
    (Temperature - 10)/2 = Price per cup.

    Last time I played, I made like $350 profit. I don't curse at the rain, though, that's never good for business. I rather curse at bugs in the sugar when I had a stock of 200 something left, or when I mess up the price -.- One time I accidentally did Temp - 10 = 43, and had 43 as my price -.- It SHOULD have been only 21, but I was zoned. So, naturally, no sales that day.

    Another stupid thing was not SELECTING the price, pressing delete, and then typing in the new one.

    I wound up trying to sell a cup of lemonade for $37.26... Hmm, can you say "no sales whatsoever?"

    Bah the zonage.
  4. TOC_Cid

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    Ahh, good times, there is also a simialr game to this called coffee tycoon. Its pretty much the same thing, except coffee! and you sell it inside a hotel at first, and you can pick different locations

    EDIT: By Day 25 I had a profit of 1203.24$ Not bad for a little boy making money on the sidewalk. :D
  5. Duwenbasden

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    I made $300+ with only water (0,0,0 formula) in the old game... but this one won't work.
  6. lego2211

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    Decent, but I will stick with Lemonade Tycoon....
  7. The Helper

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    Is that a free online game? If so what is the link?
  8. DM Cross

    DM Cross You want to see a magic trick? Staff Member

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    If Lemonade Tycoon is anything like Roller Coaster Tycoon, then it's a disc game, TH, not an online game, and most certainly not free :( Which sucks, cause I played my friend's Roller Coaster Tycoon once upon a time, and it was kick ass :cool: Crazy cool, my friend, crazy cool.

    However, I'm no 100% sure about that,so gimme a second to search for it.

    -=5 Seconds Later=-

    Ok, I found what I believe the other person was talking about. After a quick skimming of the nessity of the page, it appears to be a download game, but you have to pay for it. (However, using Limewire, I'm sure you could snag a free copy... But I never said that ;)) I don't think it's a subscription game, but I may be wrong. Ain't gonna try DLing it to find out in school :)
  9. Myzteryz

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    lemonade tycoon? coffee tycoon??

    What next? Forum Tycoon?

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